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Entertainment’s elite division

Entertainment’s elite division


At a time when it desperately needs to stay united, it seems the entertainment industry is badly divided.

Recently artists up and down the country have been holding separate meetings while advocating for the same thing.

Last week a group of artists held a meeting at Notwane but to Shaya’s surprise a number of high profile artists didn’t turn up, only to hold a separate conference this week.

The likes of Vee, Franco, La Timmy, Mc Kokwana, Kabelo Mogwe and others who reportedly call themselves ‘The Elite’, got together for a meeting that Vee described as ‘the most important and serious one’.

The question is, why undermine others? You may be above them in terms of wealth but you are all in the same industry.

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A united voice is much stronger than a disjointed one, so stick together guys and girls!