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Exotic’s war with investor threatens Maphorisa weekend show

Sharon Mathala
Maphorisa & Maphorisa (L-R)

I invested over 400k and got nothing- Mpofu

A bitter Tussle has ensued between popular promoter Exotic and his investor Mduduzi Mpofu over the ‘Pretty Girls Love Amapiano’ music festival.
The show, which was staged last year was set to be headlined by amongst others trendy South African duo- Maphorisa and Kabza De Small.

However on the day of the Show at Royal Aria Stadium by mid afternoon a disaster struck!

Disappointing news that Maphorisa who was set to make his first appearance in Botswana since the Amapiano wave hit- was not going to perform surfaced. Kabza De Small also came late for his slot.

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There were a few other glitches but the show eventually went on.

Now a war of words possibly headed for a legal showdown has ensued between the man behind the event, Exotic and his loaded investor, Mpofu.

Voice Entertainment can reveal that the two started working together after Mpofu and his team had initially booked the South African duo for a performance in Botswana back in 2020 but was blocked by the sudden travel restrictions as a result of Covid-19.

According to Mpofu to his shock mid 2021 he was sent a flyer with the South African duo set to perform at a show he did not know about, a musical event organized by Exotic.

“We then reached a compromise to share the event 50/50. But I was the sole investor. I injected over 400,000 thousand into that show with the agreement that I will get my money back with interest as well as 50% stake in the show,” Mpofu told The Voice In an Exclusive interview.

Mpofu continued, “ A lot happened at the show and I have received nothing , not my 50 % nor my capital injected.”
According to the Mpofu there were irregularities with ticket sales which he said will be subject of litigation. Mpofu made startling revelations about how one of the ticketing ventures could have possibly defrauded him in collusion with Exotic.

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But his worry now is to clear the air about Maphorisa not coming to Botswana. According to Mpofu, Exotic was aware that Maphorisa would not appear at the show weeks before the event but decided not to tell revellers.

“When he went to South Africa it was to try and persuade Maphorisa to come but he declined. He declined largely because of contractual disputes. There are a lot of clauses in their contracts which bind a promoter to abide by, for example they would charge you based on the size of the venue,” Mpofu claimed.

“He did not come, not because he did not want to or does not value Batswana. In fact Maphorisa is coming this weekend to perform in Botswana but he is afraid for his safety,” Mpofu alleged.

Asked why Maphorisa would worry about safety Mpofu claimed that Exotic has threatened Maphorisa not come to Botswana. He (Exotic) Lied and said Maphorisa scammed him and did not honor his event. That was far from the truth, the truth is Exotic knew Maphorisa was not coming weeks before because of contractual disputes between them.”

Reached for his side of the story Exotic said that by Tuesday he was in fact at the Police to register a case against Maphorisa. Exotic is looking for the Police to arrest Maphorisa as soon as he lands over the weekend.

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Asked to provide further clarity Exotic asked to be allowed to provide documented evidence but failed to do so by time of Voice Entrainment deadline.

“He (Mpofu) should provide evidence that I defrauded him or stole money made from the event. Maphorisa owes me and he has to pay me before coming to Botswana. I paid him P 100,000 but I also incurred loses as a result of him not coming to the show,” Exotic said.

Voice Entertainment can also reveal that a few local artist who performed at the show are yet to be paid despite the organisers promise to pay by end of January.

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