For the love of the community

Sharon Mathala
TIME OF GIVING: Chivaura handing out food hampers to beneficiaries

COVID-19 Hero

With the Coronavirus pandemic bringing much of the world to an unprecedented standstill, in Botswana kind-hearted citizens have stepped up to answer Government’s call for assistance.

In the capital, 31-year-old Nicholas Chivaura is one such individual who proves that tough times often bring out the best in many.

Desperate to help his community in any way possible, last week the Broadhurst resident ‘contributed’ groceries worth over P10, 000 to 15 families in Extension 16 and 20.

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“For us, it does not matter how small the contribution is; I actually don’t see this as a donation but a contribution,” explained Chivaura, the Managing Director at IT Company, 360 Technical Solutions.

Chivaura teamed up with his colleagues from Brown and Company attorneys to make the initiative possible.

For the love of the community
GENEROUS: Chivaura in action

Although he does not have much himself, the young businessman realises he is better off than many and thus is happy to share the little he has.

“For us it does not matter how small the contribution is. Helping the next person does not need much, but a little effort goes a long way. We have already distributed the hampers to five families and the surprise in their faces really warmed my heart. We have ten more families to go,” he told The Voice, his dazzling smile bright enough to light up the darkest of days.

With restriction on movement in the country gradually, cautiously being eased, Chivaura intends to continue the scheme beyond Covid-19.

“I mean I cannot promise it will be monthly but it will definitely be on a regular basis. We will look for other partners and friends to join in on the campaign so that we actually reach out to more families.”

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