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Gaolathe’s new album

Grooving in the Ghetto
Gaolathe's new album

For many years, Gospel singer Gaolathe Kamboo has been likened to the legendary Oleseng Shuping.

In his second album ‘Tlogelalefufa’, recorded at Ossh Productions in South Africa, the similarities were striking.

However, in this latest album titled ‘Megopoloyalona’ it is apparent that Kamboo has become the main man.

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He has found his voice and embraced it.

The 10-track LP was recorded and mastered at Faxa Music Studios.

It has songs such as ‘Ha le ratana’, ‘Bona ho tlhahilemaru’, ‘Paulo le Silas’, ‘Sokologang’ and many others picked from the Zion Christian Church hymn book.

The album gets a solid 8 out of 10 and is well worth a listen.

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