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Grant me bail for the sake of my bum

Cathrine Moemedi

A 29-year-old man suspected of killing his baby mama has begged Maun Magistrates Court to grant him bail as he fears being raped in prison.

Appearing before court on Monday, Dishara Saraa unsuccessfully requested he be allowed to await trial from the comfort of his home.

“I am suffering at prison. My inmates are bullying me and demanding things from me, things that I cannot do or say out loud in this court!” declared the murder suspect.

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According to sources from within Maun Prison, Saraa, who has been locked up since his arrest back in May, has accused his fellow prisoners of making sexual advances towards him.

“Apparently they are threatening to take it by force if he continues to resist their advances,” said the source.

Begging for freedom, Saraa vowed to follow all bail conditions that the court might set.

“I promise I will not interfere with the police investigations,” he pleaded.

Although he was sent back to prison, it was not all bad news for the accused killer, with presiding Magistrate, Gaone Bagopi promising to consider bail at his next mention.

“The court has heard your plea but your bail will only be entertained on the 3rd of September – your remand warrant has been extended until then,” ruled Bagopi.

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Saraa stands accused of murdering his girlfriend, 19-year-old Lesedi Bahumile.

It is believed that around March last year, Saraa strangled his young lover to death before burying her body a short distance from their home in Maun’s Matlapana ward.

Their daughter was just ten-months old at the time.

Saraa is then said to have reported Bahumile to the police, claiming she had run away after hurting their baby.

A warrant was issued for Bahumile’s arrest and a nationwide search for her whereabouts ensued.

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A year later, and with the cops no closer to finding the missing teen, Saraa, as the last known person to have seen Bahumile before her disappearance, was brought back in for questioning.

Under interrogation, on 22 May, he reportedly confessed to killing his girlfriend and allegedly led police officers to the place where he buried her.

DNA tests have since confirmed that a body exhumed in the area belonged to Bahumile.

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