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Gunning for Boko’s seat

A lot of things have been personalised at BNF- Kanjabanga

Almost eight years after his expulsion from Botswana National Front (BNF), controversial lawyer and politician, Gabriel Kanjabanga, has resurfaced in the political arena.

Kanjabanga will be contesting for the BNF’s Presidency and is likely to come against a tough battle against the incumbent President, Duma Boko and Vice President, Prince Dibeela.

In an interview with The Voice Staffer, DANIEL CHIDA, Kanjabanga expressed optimism despite recent reports made by the party Secretary General, Moeti Mohwasa, that he was not a party member hence illegible to contest.

Kindly explain your status within the BNF.

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I am a member in good standing who has all the democratic rights to contest for any position within the party. I got re-admitted towards end of 2017/18 by my ward, Tsogang at Gaborone North Constituency.

BNF SG, Mohwasa hinted to us in an interview on Sunday that you are not a BNF member since a procedure to re-admit you has not been done.

I am not sure of the procedure that Mohwasa was talking about because in any political party you can apply for membership at a ward level.

There is a long standing resolution that all people who were dismissed should not be readmitted just like that but apply to their wards and I did that in accordance with the resolution which I think was taken at either Kang or Gantsi congress.

Membership again is the prerogative of the ward structure and I followed that.

What is shocking is news that now people say I am not a member, what is it that they are scared of.

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It is not for Mohwasa to decide but the BNF members to choose who they want.

Why is there always controversy surrounding your name?

That is a very good question and from my perspective it’s that people don’t like a strong opinion that I hold.

A lot of things are not done accordingly and I have long predicted and they have come to pass.

A lot of people in the party leadership are uncomfortable with me and see me as a threat.

I suspect that they could be in those positions to enrich themselves and not serving the party interests.

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I have also been vocal about things that are not done well in the BNF like lack of political education, no proper leadership, no proper structures and coordination of activities.

What is your vision for the party?

My focus as a long time activist has been that we need to consolidate and build a strong opposition in the form of BNF and position it as the real alternative to the BDP so that should Batswana give it the chance to rule, it will be inspiring and give them real hopes.

A strong, united, principled and policy driven BNF is the one that I want to see.

I want a liberal and progressive movement with leadership that has ideas that are meant to uplift Batswana and move them away from poverty.

If you do that then know you are leading the right BNF.

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What does that mean?

A lot of things have been personalised and the BNF used to be operated and run on the basis of collective leaders in between congresses and conferences with the Central Committee taking responsibilities.

As a leader I can only contribute to the debate and not running the party alone.

The BNF Presidency is not an independent portfolio that operates separately but as a collective leadership that has to be guided and consulting; that’s the BNF I grew up in and the one that I want to see.


I am not sure whether the current leadership is doing things in that context because I have heard reports that there have not been any meetings and if its true then it is an indication that there is no collective leadership.

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What do you suggest as a solution to that?

The party is in serious need of revival and revitalisation politically and organisationally.

It is very interesting that people are scared of my candidacy.

There have been allegations that you are sponsored by some outside forces to cause confusion within the party, your take on that?

I am not aligned to any political party or organisation except the BNF and have no intentions of leaving. What I am doing is my decision.

Do you have support though?

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Yes I have lot of it and some of the likes of Cosmos Moeng, Tiro Sebina, Keineetse Keineetse and Lemogang Ntime are behind me too and are likely to contest for some positions as well.

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