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Help Dramaboi & Co




Help Dramaboi & Co

Since our government doesn’t look like it will open for the entertainment industry anytime soon, Shaya is making a plea to the corporate world to help out.

Our creatives are depressed; they are going through a lot, the tunnel is long, dark and seemingly never-ending!

Is it not possible for big companies to sponsor virtual shows and pay whatever they can to artists – it doesn’t have to be a fortune, I’m sure any little contribution would be greatly appreciated.

Shaya went to check out Dramaboi’s car wash in Mogoditshane recently and the area was deserted – actually it looked like the business had not been operated for a while.


This is a clear sign that the ‘Makeishane’ hit-maker cannot cope anymore.

His social media posts portray a man on the edge.

So let’s all unite and help our fallen stars before it’s too late!


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