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ILLUSTRATION: Human remains

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Human remains found in a borehole

Human remains were found in a borehole at Mooke lands in Shashemooke village by a farmer who was removing piled soil from his borehole last Tuesday.

Apparently the farmer had been using one side of the dual borehole and when he decided to remove the soil that had accumulated on the other side, he found the human bones.

Gerald Police Station Officer, Assistant Superintendent Meshack Mosika, confirmed the incident, noting that the suspected human remains were found and reported by the farmer at around 11am on Tuesday.

“He immediately reported to our offices and we attended the scene where they dug further and found the skull and the backbone. All exhibits have been taken to the forensics to determine if they are indeed human remains,’ he said.

Assistant Superintendent Mosika further added that they have been receiving cases of missing persons who are yet to be found.

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“Although we are waiting for the results from the forensics, I suspect the remains have been there for a long time and looking at their size I think they are of a grown up person,” he added.


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