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Individualise your work wear!


Hi Tsholo, I have a new job and would really want I make an impression at work!

What do you think I can do to add to my wardrobe and overall general appearance?

Thank you, I look forward to your response. – Onkabetse O.

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Good day Onkabetse O.

First and foremost, congratulations on your new job!

Thank you for writing to me.

Well, they say dressing well is a form of good manners, so that’s a great start!

Looks really play an important role in work settings as they officially tell who you are without you saying a word.

Fashion is the fraternity where stylish people as a whole come to play.

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You just have to be yourself, take time to figure out who you are as an individual, and understand the kind of spaces you’re in so you become one with your immediate environment.

Besides good manners, a few essential clothes that a gentlemen need to own style wise for work includes a suit!

Individualise your work wear!

A suit is a uniform.

The idea is to think of this suit as a canvas to build different ideas of individuality around.

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It’s the way you wear it, not the label inside that impresses.

One day you may don it without the blazer; other days don just the blazer with a different pant.

A suit is versatile as you can play around with it.

Moreover, invest in high quality shirts and don’t shy away from colour (greys, blues, greens, reds, pinks) or subtle printed shirts.

Have a grooming regime that is daily and hustle free – brush your hair and cut your nails.

After all, the devil resides in the details.

Invest in a signature cologne that is not too overpowering.

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These add character to any look!

Finish of the look with of course, a timepiece – for time is all we have in this life!

It’s important to note that, shoes are the windows to any style soul, hence invest in great shoes!

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Keep accessories to a minimum for an understated yet effective look.

It’s best to harmonize accessories with what you’re wearing by picking out a colour or two.

Or even to juxtapose them entirely.

Appeal to all the 5 senses of a human being – look good, smell good, articulate yourself well, feel good about yourself and you’ll never stop hearing compliments!

Last but not least, just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean its ok.

Before doing something, ask yourself why and if you don’t have a good answer then it’s not worth it!

You’ll never stand out by following trends.

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