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Jealous ex-boyfriend to hang for murder

Another job awaits the hangman after a Francistown High Court condemned to death a former cop last Wednesday, for the murder of his ex-girlfriend.

Atlholang Mujanki known as Two Metre is accused of killing, Bokani Socks- a nurse at Nyangabwe Referral Hospital, in January 2014.

Before passing sentence, Judge Lot Moroka stated that there were no extenuating circumstances in Mujangi’s case. “The punishment must fit the crime committed. Sentence must have a purpose to prevent ace from repeat, reform him, retribute eye for an eye.

“I hope the sentence I will pass will send a clear message to the nation that women do have the right to walk out of the relationship.
“You are therefore going to hang by the neck until you die, may God have mercy on your soul,” closed Judge Moroka.

It was heard that after the alleged killing, the accused went to Pastor Milidzani Socks of Breath of Life church to confess and the pastor recorded the conversation and gave it to the police.

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In the conversation which was listened before court he was heard telling the pastor that he killed Bokani because she was impregnated by another man and that he acted out of anger.

He added that on that day he met with Bokani at Galo mall and that they went to Nandos to buy food. “After buying I went to the car and gave the receipt to Bokani to collect food because I did not want to be seen with her. We then drove along Matsiloje road and we stopped in the bush and ate our food.

“After we finished eating I told her that we take a walk and that is when I tried to stab her but missed and I ended stabbing her on the cheek and she tried to run and I caught her up and throttled her. After throttling her I took a large rock and smashed her head. I then took plastics and papers to burn her body,” Mujangi was heard saying in the recording.

The time he was giving his own evidence in court he stated that after he fell in love with Bokani she started to hate his children and told Mujangi that he should return them to their mothers.

He said Bokani refused to bear him a child and was later impregnated by another man, which did not sit well with him that he resorted to smoking dagga which he sometimes mixed with ARVs.

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  1. Linda Bridger

    12/07/2021 at 07:52

    I was not aware that the death sentence is legal in South Africa…

    • Thabsta

      14/07/2021 at 19:27

      this is Botswana not South Africa

  2. Pam

    12/07/2021 at 08:19

    Um,how is this possible since the death penalty was abolished in the nineties?

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