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Khama should not expect any special coverage- Morwaeng



Minister of Presidential Affairs, Governance and Public Administration, Kabo Morwaeng has dismissed reports that former President Ian Khama was no longer covered by state media when doing his charity work.

When responding to a question in Parliament by Member of Parliament for Serowe North, Baratiwa Mathoothe today, Morwaeng said that his office keeps on getting requests for coverage on different events around the country but they have never received any from Khama’s office.

He said that if there was a request for any charitable event from Khama’s office, just like other organizations, his was also going to be assessed.

However, Morwaeng added that according to his knowledge Khama was more into politics than charity work. “What the Honorable MP and the nation should understand is that Khama is no longer the President but a former and he cannot be given the same coverage like when he was a sitting president. Even with MPs, after our terms we should never expect to be given the same coverage once we leave office. Dipaka le mabaka di a hetoga ,” he explained.


Although Mathoothe tried to emphasise that a request for coverage has been made before, Morwaeng stood his ground and told him that there was no such a request. “Even if a request is made, it does not mean it will be done, we assess things.”

He explained that all Batswana have rights to ask for help but if one goes around dividing the nation and thinking he will be covered then he should forget. “If you think he will be covered when going to Mosu, no we will not do that maybe others will cover him not us,” added the Molepolole North MP.

Mathoothe had asked the Minister on why Khama was no longer getting coverage from the state media when doing his charitable events.




  1. Maluti Tau

    19/02/2021 at 18:37

    We thank you Honorable Minister for the answer you gave to the parliament,
    People use charity as scapegoats

  2. Gaonathata kebalepile

    21/02/2021 at 13:37

    Bo morwaeng kante mme gone why lesa batle kgama keraa if i may ask batho ba modimo, he want to help his fellow batswana baba bolawang ke tlala goromente wa gago lewaga Rre tona tautona masisi osena gore solofetsa magodimo mme lebo lesa diragetse ao banna ba modimo

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