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Let’s talk about love



Let's talk about love

Valentine dinner talk set for crocodile camp

A Maun based counseling company; Leadership Craft Network, has organized a valentine dinner and talk session to be held at Crocodile Camp on Valentine’s Day.

The company led by a Christian couple, Nonofo and Moitshepi Mataboge says the focus of the talks will be on faithfulness.

“We will discuss relationships particularly faithfulness. This is because we have realized that faithfulness is a challenge in many relationships.”

According to Nonofo who is an apostle of the word of God, the couple has realized that faithfulness is often if not the first issue that is cited in divorce cases. “Around issues of finance, violence and sex, there is always an element of faithfulness, ” Nonofo said.

However the man of God insisted that the session would not be about church but rather talk about love and relationships.

“Our company does premarital counseling among others. Again as a pastor I do counseling and have to deal with issues of breaking and broken relationships and therefore it is my duty to save relationships,” he said.

The dinner however does not come free and is not restricted to couples. Single tickets are selling for P350 and two for P600.

Mataboge explains that, “People should know this is a unique and enhancing affair that is aimed at saving relationships. There is no price tag on love. Sometimes relationships suffer because those in it are not willing to invest in it.”

He was in fact encouraging people to invest in those relations they value, “Imagine what happens if your relationship that you value so much suffer because of lack of knowledge!”

The aim of the dinner talk according to Mataboge is to help build relations that would last a lifetime, “Every Feb 14th they are expecting their partners to take them out and reflect on their love lives. So it is important as well to gain from our Life tools that will improve their relationship. It is not just for them to just go spend money but to be part of this programme that perhaps will save one or two relationships.”

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Zeus to release Pieces of the Now



Zeus to release Pieces of the Now

One of the few local artists to ever receive the coveted Chanel O award for the category Best Male Award ; Zeus (Game Bantsi ) is currently working on his much awaited album, which he hopes will reignite his 2014 fame.

Voice Entertainment visited Zeus at one of his rehearsals where he is also preparing for his fourth album, which will be called ‘Pieces of the Now’

The last time Zeus released an album was back in 2013 dubbed “African Time”. Commenting on his next offering Zeus said, “The coming album will have about 15 songs but as you can imagine we have not finilised the list. I have featured about four guys in the album one guy called Rane Rap who is based in the US and another rapper from Namibia called Dollars or Yens as well as Owie and ONx Da Poet.
It is a really exciting project that has been a long time coming and I really can’t wait to have it out,” Zeus said.

Catching up on his thoughts on the state of the of Hip Hop at the moment, the “Gijima” rapper said, “Today’s hip hop music is more diverse that it gets credit for. The biggest problem is not that everything had gravitated to one sound, which is an arguable view, the biggest problem is how media covers the current hip hop.”

Asked to elaborate Zeus said, “There aren’t enough acts who are very organic in their appeal who get coverage. There is still a lot of lyricism in the game.”

But who does Zeus believe is the best rapper in BW? The energetic rapper who is also part of the organizing committee of popular Jam4brunch event said, “There are different traits we can look at and each one of those traits someone excels at. Ideally you would want an artist who can bring all those together from flow, to content to multiple perspectives and storytelling. When I think of flow, I think of Veezo View. When I think about say perspective a guy like Frost comes to mind.”

When I think of new age hip hop trap soul kind of vibe a guy like Manne dilla comes to mind, But if I am to name someone who brings it all together I would say arguably ATI. I can’t overlook him. But all the other mentions are special names,” Zeus said.

However there is no MC Zeus will rather not face , “One thing I have maintained is that one should be always ready to fight. I am confident enough to say there is no one I would shy away from if they want to go at it.”

Zues has another collaborative project with rapper Nomadic also expected to be released this year.

In the mean time he has released his single, Gotta get mine, which has shot up the ranks in the local charts.

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Vee’s displeasure



Vee's displeasure

Kwaito star blasts YAMAs for ‘Dumalana’ snub

Kwaito star Vee Mampeezy has slammed Yarona FM for ‘snubbing’ his hit song ‘Dumalana’.

Last Thursday, the radio station announced the nominees for the sixth edition of its popular awards show, the YAMAs.

Despite boasting over four million views on YouTube, ‘Dumalana’ failed to make the ‘Song of the Year’ category, much to Vee’s dismay.

Instead, the six tracks that will battle it out include: ‘Rolling Stone’ (ATI), ‘Peter’ (Bouncy), ‘Rejection’ (DJ Kuchi featuring Han C), ‘Dlala Ngamla’ (Girly), ‘Re ma Afrika’ (Phologolo featuring Zakwe) and ‘Cream’ (Veezo View featuring Ason).

Speaking to Voice Entertainment this week, Vee remained adamant his single should have been nominated.

“I am worried. If it was someone else who had such a big song how would it affect them? The station has decided to turn a blind eye but one need not be a rocket scientist to figure out that ‘Dumalana’ was the best song of 2019!”

When Voice Entertainment suggested it was perhaps a sense of entitlement that made Vee feel this way, the artist responded immediately, “This is the first time I am speaking out about this. I am just saying let us be fair. I have never ever complained in the previous years. So no I am not entitled!”

Another big name to miss out on a YAMAs nomination was Double Up with his single ‘Thukwi le Mala’.

There was also confusion surrounding DJ Kuchi and Han C’s ‘Rejection’ nomination. Released in November 2018, sceptics suggested it should not have been nominated as the awards cover 2019. However, as the single was dropped after the nominees for 2018 were announced, it is indeed eligible for this year’s YAMAs

The 2020 edition, which will be held under the theme ‘Fabulous 20’, will take place at the University of Botswana Indoor Sports Centre as organisers strive for their biggest attendance yet.

“This time around the YAMAs are back with a number of interesting surprises which will be unveiled during the awards ceremony. The YAMAs team is working tirelessly to make sure that this year’s event will be one to remember. The YAMAs brand has a new feel and the packaging is fantastic,” said Yarona FM Marketing Manager Kutlwano Monnamoncho.

A statement from the Radio Station also says, “The change of venue was due to the fact that the YAMAs have been attracting large numbers in the past years. This time around more than 3, 000 people are expected to attend the glamorous event.”

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Eugene Jackson to perform new song on Rhythm city tonight



Eugene Jackson to perform new song on Rhythm city tonight

Afro pop Singer, Eugene Jackson will tonight, Friday perform on Rhythm City, South Africa’s musical drama series that premieres on channel.

He will be performing his new single, Thando.

The love track perfomance perfectly conincides with Valentine’s Day.

The new single was produced by DJ Chase and Ezra and features Vutomi.

It is one of those songs you may put on repeat.

RATINGS: 10/10

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