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Local Versatile Musician makes her mark




Growing up being drilled to focus on academics instead of music by her parents did not stop local versatile artist Loeto Sono, 31, from pursuing her passion for music.

Against all odds Sono is slowly becoming a star in the entertainment circles after dropping two banging singles this year.

In an interview with Voice Entertainment this week, she said her passion for music was cultivated from a tender age but she could not take up as a career right away because her parents wanted her to get educated first.

” Now that I have a Bachelor of Business Science and Masters of Business Administration, I have decided to use my knowledge to help entrepreneurs in Botswana with a YouTube show called Entrepreneurship Community and focusing entirely on making music, ” said Loeto.


The Thamaga native revealed that her major breakthrough in the music industry was in 2021 when she released her first two official singles, ‘Naledi’ which was about her late grandmother who believed that she could become a music star back in February, and ‘Get into the Groove’ which is a fun house track about celebrating all that she has been through.

Quizzed about the challenges she has encountered since the beginning of her young music career, she said, “The first setback is the Covid-19 pandemic. There t were very little opportunities to showcase my talent but I used the Internet as my way of getting my music out there, and secondly finding the right people to work with is never easy.”

TALENTED: Sono make waves in the industry

TALENTED: Sono make waves in the industry

“Most artists I meet pursue music on the side because they cannot sustain themselves with just doing music only, this then causes them to neglect the music and disappoint me regularly, but I understand that times are tough and that the Botswana music industry is still at an infant stage,” she said.

Currently Sono is working on a music video for ‘Naledi’ and a few more singles.

” I have shot a video for ‘Naledi’ to be realeased on the 10th of December 2021, and I am working on a few singles with some local artists,” she said.


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