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Love potions

Moratiso, Sejeso, Ditlhare, Sheba Nna Fela/Bheka Mina Ngedwa, Korobela, Muti, Juju, Black magic, aphrodisiacs – these are some of the common names that refer to all manner of love potions.

Said to be common among women, the use of magic instruments became quite a favourite topic over the lockdown phases when some social media users claimed they were the reason marriages were collapsing because they had expired.

This week, Voice Woman searched the streets of Gaborone for opinions on the use of African herbs and consulting of spell casters and healers; do these things work? … for how long? … and are they truly the reason some relationships indeed ended?

As varying sentiments were expressed, one contributor pointed me in the direction of a ‘pharmacy’ where all manner of philtres are sold, a shocking discovery for Voice Woman.

Landu Balosamang, 27, Thamaga

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‘Strenthening’ one’s relationship or marriage is totally unnecessary.

One only needs to turn to the Almighty God for strength if one really adores one’s partner.People had better know that faith in God is the supreme antidote to all problems in life, including in a relationship.

Landu Balosamang

God’s love and protection is everlasting, as for witchcraft, the end is never good.

Ditlhare di a hela, di tlolwa ke dipeba (Eventually those potions expire) and may lead to one’s own destruction, ultimately death.

Real true love needs no boost or external strength. I’ve heard of bo-matholwane (thokolosi), where a man who’s been bewitched turns into one.

Braveman Maseko, 55, Old Naledi

Go itebanganya motho (to bewitch) is pure evil!

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No one deserves to be forced to be with anyone. Only God chooses whom you’ll marry for He is the all-knowing God; that is, He knows who you’re compatible with.



When people decide to force relationships by employing sinister tactics, what then happens when God later on sends your rightful person along?

What do you do with the one you have bewitched? Now you find yourself in a quandary.

This may further cause you to point another bone at your victim in an effort to eliminate him or her from the equation; it is diabolic!

This practice is prevalent among our female counterparts and I suspect it is because there’s fewer men, thus women are fighting for a few men.

On the other hand, women lament the shortage of responsible and focused men yet what they fail to recognize is that it is in fact easy to keep a man.

You see, men only need a dose of their own medicine every now and then.

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For instance, men have a propensity to lie and be neglectful of their wives and families, eventually becoming unfaithful.

When a man does that, begin to invest in yourself; dress up, look hot and also go out, you’ll see he’ll then come home early.

Men do not like to be cheated on despite their cheating ways. So, there really is no need to resort to witchcraft.

Dikakanyo James, 30, Tlokweng

I abhor witchcraft and would never consult a sangoma or medicine man. I am a firm believer in the will of God.

Women act desperate but they should learn to wait on the Lord regardless of the vicissitudes of life.

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Dikakanyo James

People are different: some people may be tempted to take short cuts out of desperation to get hitched, while others will choose to exercise patience.

Personally, I move on at the slightest hint of infidelity; I can never consider using muti on a man.

Women need to work hard to acquire own assets and remain independent. Men also use muti nowadays.

All these women we see following men around like lapdogs despite being used and abused, why do you think they behave like that?

They’re hypnotised! It’s even sad for those women who’re being bewitched by good-for-nothing men.

Joseph Quarshie, 50s, Gaborone

As a God-fearing man, I believe the use of juju is dangerous.

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Many Africans are obsessed with it and in certain parts of Africa, especially West Africa and countries like Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa, and even here in Botswana where bushmen are sought – we have heard of potent mixtures that can cause a penis to get stuck in a cheating woman’s vagina during sexual intercourse.

The manhood will not be freed until the offended husband brings his own traditional doctor to loosen the grip!

Self-seekers obtain these supernatural powers or magic for evil reasons.

Joseph Quarshie

Joseph Quarshie

We’ve also heard of powders that women use to cast spells on their spouses, or ‘herbs’ they add to food or bath in to make men love them.

These things are spiritual and can backfire because people have tempered with the dark world.

It is not surprising that people say marriages were collapsing.

Yes it’s bound to happen because the magic never lasts, you have to keep revisiting the spiritualists.

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Those things have adverse effects hence some women can end up becoming harlots because evil spirits have now possessed them. The only answer to these problems is Jesus.

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