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Malaria kills two in North West


As the battle against Corona Virus intensifies the Northwest district has found itself having to distribute the limited resources to address malaria outbreak.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday the Head of Ngami District Health Management Team (DHMT), Dr Malebogo Kebabonye revealed that they have recorded 24 cases of Malaria in the district.

Kebabonye further indicated that they have so far recorded two deaths as compared to nine cases and zero mortality in 2019.
Kebabonye informed the Media that they had long started preparing for Malaria Outbreak before the Corona Virus pandemic.

“In response to Malaria outbreak we had long completed the indoor residual spraying and distribution of mosquito nets in the areas that are Malaria prone but the coming of corona has strained the little resources that were to be channeled towards fighting Malaria,” she stated

In a bid to maximize the limited resources the district has now resorted to collaborative and coordinated response when addressing health needs. Speaking at a press briefing on The Northwest District commissioner, Keolopile Leipego said that apart from COVID-19 and Malaria, the district was also ravaged by flooding and locust attack.

“In our region as we are battling covid-19 we have been hit by other disasters which require our immediate attention,” Leipego said


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