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Man remanded for stabbing girlfriend

A 25-year-old Shashemooke man has been charged with a single count of unlawful wounding after allegedly stabbing his girlfriend multiple times.

The suspect, Thuso Obonye appeared before Francistown Magistrate Court last Thursday, where his plea was reserved.

It is alleged that three days earlier, Obonye repeatedly stabbed his lover, Gobuamang Motshegetsi with a knife, causing several wounds to her body.

He is then said to have fled the scene before his mother eventually handed him into the cops on Wednesday morning.

During his arraignment, Obonye pleaded for bail, claiming he had spoken to the complainant and that she was recovering well.

“She told me she might be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. I spoke to her while I was in custody at Gerald Police Station over the phone,” he said.

Although the Investigation Officer, Fridah Jotia dismissed the suspect’s claims as lies, The Voice later established that Motshegetsi was in fact discharged from hospital the very same day (11 June).

“All prisoners are searched before detention with their properties kept in safe custody so there is no how he could get access to his phone.

“The victim is in a critical condition and we have not recorded her statement or that of the other eye-witnesses. I was only handed the docket for investigations two days back so we plead the accused be remanded in custody,” said the Investigating Officer.

Jotia duly got his wish and the accused was denied bail.


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