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Ministers and fake Facebook accounts



Ministers and fake Facebook accounts

Shaya has been called names in the past for my intrusiveness or so they say-I like to think I am just a friendly neighbor so when a little birdie shared this information I really did not know how to describe this character.

Information reaching Shaya, with receipts has exposed how a former minister who lost bitterly has gone on an onslaught to de-campaign the new Minister even going to the extent of engaging boys in the hood to open pseudo Facebook accounts to spread malicious content against this Minister.

Whilst I don’t know which name to use to describe this low life behaviour from the loser, Shaya’s question would be, why not face your nemesis like a man sir?

I thought you had the balls! Anyway let’s see who throws in the first real punch boys!

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Things they say: MPs Baja mosusumpelo -Kwape





Eating food with roughage as a healthy nutritional habit is another thing, but being forced to have it because there is no other food in the house is another.

Just ask deputy council chairperson in the North West District, Lekonne Masoko and he will tell you what it feels like, “Ke jele moroko thata le lebese ha ke gola ko Tsau, ga ke kake ka boela koo gape. Ga ke kake!” “I ate a lot of bran with milk when I was growing up in Tsau. I do not see myself going back to those days.

There is just no way!

He was responding to Minister Lemogang Kwape’s appeal for political leaders to be exemplary and start to eat healthy meals. Kwape has accused politicians including MPs of eating too much, “ko palamenteng batho ba ja mosusumpelo,” “Even in parliament, people eat too much food,” said Kwape

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Celeb edition with Kodie




Kodie, 24, has distinguished himself as the go to content curator of choice.

Having featured in variousinternational magazines such as Elle, British Vogue, BBC, AfroPunk, and in the Mail & Guardian fashionistas, Kodi needs no introduction.

This week, CELEB EDITION takes a short left to have a two-minute chat with the young star.

Q. You broke out as a fashion blogger before venturing into a bigger space of content curating, tell me what inspired you to embark on this career journey?

A. I am really grateful for my upbringing. Because of it I developed this beautiful character and always believed that the world will one day bask in it.

My fashion blogging phase was really important because it proved to me that indeed the world adored my uniqueness and that indeed my story had a place in the world.

That gave me all the courage I ever needed to confidently begin this amazing career journey where many have so far turned to me for direction because that’s exactly what I have always yearned for.

Q. You now successfully run an LGBTQI portal, tell me more about it.

A. is a gift from me- now to the younger me back then and seeing it impact positively on other amazing queer young people out there has been fulfilling.

The site doesn’t only share stories of the LGBTQ+ online but has now given birth to PUO PHA, a safe space where people who are ready to interact with our stories in real life can get the opportunity.

We had our first session last year in Gaborone and this year we are planning to take it to other countries in Africa.

Q. What is the one topic that people are scared to touch on when it comes to LGBTQI issues?

A. Family! When we discuss issues I believe most of the time all we ever talk about is the law this and that, the church this and that, not that these aren’t important, but we are delaying our healing if we cannot vocalize the pain our families have brought us and seek help.

Q. What does the term influencer mean to you?

A. Simple, A person with influence. Influence means effect, so this is a person whose ways and moves have impact on others.

This has always been there; word-of-mouth is a good example of this.

Q. What is the least amount of petrol you have ever bought?

A. P100 for my friend Hillary because I don’t drive. Don’t ask why (laughs)

Q. Who would you rather: Glotto and Diamond Dust?

A. Glotto because they are redefining fashion and I really adores the amazing young girl who runs it.

Her vision is on point and the fact that our youth culture is looked after really makes me happy.

Q. When was the last time you cried and why?

A. This week on Monday morning.

My career choice is really straining and if I don’t deal with my emotions then they’ll delay my success.

I had a discussion with therapist and it got me emotional.

Q. Large family or smaller?

A. Smaller! -The economist in me loves to minimize costs.

Q. What is the one thing you do when no one is looking?

A. Play with my tongue by rubbing it against my teeth because that’s how I can get my face to look really ugly. Silly right?

Q. Would you break up with someone via text?

A. If you asked me this question two years back I would say YES! I was just a bad boy back then, but now I think differently and I am the king of closure, which is always painful (laughs).

Q. Tell me 5 things people don’t know about you

A. I quit my first corporate job after 3 months

  • I am finally about to complete my very delayed BA Economics & Accounting
  • My plants have names
  • I am a great cook.
  • I discovered a great cocktail called the Kodie Classic.

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