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Mis Kats back and on the attack




Mis Kats back and on the attack

Shaya does not like writing about people who have passed on as it brings back sad memories to close friends and families but this one cannot be left to pass.

If there is one person who is less than upset about the sad passing of former Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF) Secretary-General, Roseline Panzirah Matshome, it is the individual behind the controversial Facebook account, ‘Mis Kats’.

The late politician was the only person who knew how to shut up the Pseudo.

Matshome’s comments on every post made by Mis Kats forced the person behind it to leave Facebook since he/she was being exposed for his/her ill-informed political posts.


However, soon after Matshome’s untimely passing, ‘Mis Kats’ is back and making noise again.


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