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Murder convict, Ntsuape, sentenced to death



After all legal jargon and relevant dictums were decoded, a Francistown High Court this morning condemned murder convict, Gobuamang Ntsuape, to hang by the neck until he dies.

The 36-year-old Ntsuape was convicted for the murder of Sadi Kgosietsile, the mother of his ex-girlfriend Dorcas Kgosietsile in September 13, 2016.

He was also sentenced to 5 years in prison for arson, and for the five counts of attempted murders, he was sentenced to 15 years each.

For the malicious damage to property charge, he was given 5 years in prison.


The attempted murder verdicts are to run concurrently and consecutively to the arson and malicious damage to property sentences.

The court established that in September,13, 2016, Ntsuape boarded an evening bus from Gaborone to Francistown.

When he arrived in Francistown he went to the filling station where he bought petrol in a five litre container and proceeded to the Kgosietsile’s house in Block 9.

Upon arrival he found everyone asleep and he jumped over the wall and sat in the yard for 30 to 40 minutes.

He then phoned Dorcas so he could hear where she could be sleeping and when Dorcas answered he told her to open the door and that it was too late for her to phone the police.


Dorcas who was sleeping in a separate house then phoned her mother (Sadi) who was sleeping in the main house.

When Sadi and Dorcas’ father (Chief Kgosietsile) opened the door they found their two cars burning.

Ntsuape had poured petrol on them and in the house before igniting the fire.

Dorcas’ siblings, Tiro and Segolame and her son Maatla who were trapped in a burning house were rescued by the neighbours who broke open the window so they could escape.

Ntsuape then fled the scene and went back to Ramotswa.


Before passing sentence, Judge Lot Moroka stated that the murder was premeditated.

“Buying petrol and jumping over the wall shows premeditation. Pouring of petrol and setting the house on fire showed intention. If it was an innocent visit, you could have phoned so that she comes and pick you. And calling her in the phone and telling her it was too late to call the police showed your intention,” ruled Judge Moroka.

Moroka further said the murder was a cold-blooded one and that there were no extenuating circumstances.

He therefore handed down the ultimate death penalty for the murder.


1 Comment

1 Comment


    14/05/2022 at 14:55

    please let learn to control our emotions..i know the law enforcement officers never take men or males serious…any way death penalty is no a solution but taking someone’s life is not acceptable in the eyes of the lord..they should keep you in prison so that may be you will regret killing and come up to repent and ask for forgiveness before the Almighty..GOD BE WITH YOU BTOTHER UNTIL YOUR LAST DAY.

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