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My friend wrecked my marriage!

My friend wrecked my marriage!
Long time friends: Rejoice-Seleka & Boitshwarelo-Setebe (L & R)

Wife’s confidante turns out to be the Mistress

A heartbroken woman was left reeling from the pain of betrayal after discovering that the friend she was confiding in about her husband’s infidelity was probably the mistress.

After months of crying on her confidante, Boitshwarelo Setebe’s shoulder, 47-year-old Rejoice Seleka from Village in Gaborone nearly fainted when Setebe turned out to be the woman she suspected to be sleeping with the straying husband, Bernard Seleka.

“I caught her twice with my husband. The second time police had to intervene after I found my husband sleeping at her house in Molepolole,” said the estranged wife who is convinced Setebe must have used muti to wreck her 19-year-old marriage.

Seleka started confiding in Setebe just over a year ago, when her cop husband suddenly developed a habit of sleeping out.

According to Seleka, it was around August 2021 when Bernard started leaving her alone at home to allegedly spend weekends at Eloyi Church.

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“He became distant and abrupt. It was a painful experience so I confided in Setebe, who was not only a business associate but a friend as well. Three days later, Setebe told me that she prayed for me and God showed her a wedding at my in-laws which she warned me not to attend,” Seleka said.

The frustrated woman went on to narrate how her friend further advised her to file for divorce, assuring her that everything was going to be fine since she was a businesswoman who earned her own money.

Seleka revealed that at that point she did not detect anything sinister with Setebe’s advice although she was a bit uneasy with the way she was pushing for divorce and even sending text messages to encourage her to file quickly.

“She told me to delete the messages since it was ‘women’s talk’.”

However, Setebe’s cover was blown in May this year when Seleka moved out of her marital home and in with her son.

She visited me at my son’s house in Village to discuss business. Later on in the evening, that same day when my son visited his father, still in Village, he wouldn’t open for him. My son peeped through an open living room window only to find Setebe’s handbag perched on top of the table. He then took a photo of it and showed me,” explained Seleka.

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She said when she confronted Setebe, she denied everything and begged her to calm down and not to overreact.

Distressed, the wife then devised a plan to confirm her suspicions so she waited for Bernard to go away before she pounced on him at Setebe’s house in Molepolole.

“I got to her house at 6am and his car parked outside. Soon as I knocked, my husband came to answer the door with the mistress in tow. When she realised it was me, she ran to the bedroom and locked herself inside. My husband quickly grabbed my phone and we wrestled for the car keys, causing a commotion that attracted the neighbours attention and police were called to the scene,” Seleka explained.

A few weeks later, she was served with divorce papers but their lawyers convinced the fighting couple to give reconciliation a chance, so she has since returned home.

“I feel Setebe has stabbed me in the back. She was not even ashamed after I caught her with my husband. If this continues, I will sue her for wrecking my marriage,” Seleka fumed.

When asked for comment, Setebe denied allegations of marriage-wrecking.

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My friend wrecked my marriage!

EVIDENCE: Seleka’s car at Setebe’s home

“I was asleep and when Bernard knocked, my children opened for him and that was when his wife found him at my place. I suspect the man is cheating the wife with some woman but it’s not me. He usually comes to my place to park his car and later comes back to take it. I have now chased him away from my place since his wife started sending me angry audios and I was so afraid to even confront her since we know each other.”

Meanwhile, the husband, Sub Inspector Seleka, has told this publication that he was headed for divorce and, since the matter was before court, he was uncomfortable to discuss it.

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