MYSC budgets P44 million for local TV content

Sharon Mathala

NOW TV goes digital

Youthfull television channel NOW TV plans to go full force in the digital area as they introduce an online portal that will allow viewers to watch content on the go.

When first introduced last year March the channel was met with much excitement, the excitement however was to soon die down when it was announced that one needed a set top box to access the channel.

Another disappointment to viewers came when there was no distributors to offer the set top box and those who eventually did came at a hefty price.

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This week however the Ministry has joined forces with internet service provider BOFINET for their online portal, which is set to be launched next week.

Speaking about their new project, Legae Digwaamaje explained that the idea behind the youthful TV channel was to give a platform for talented youth in television to showcase their works.

“After the launch last year, mid this year we also landed a slot of DsTV as a way of broaden our viewership.

Now we are proud to announce the Live streaming on demand portal, which will be available on 34 BOFINET hotspots around the country at zero rates.”

“In the first year we engaged 22 companies which provided 49 programmes and we injected 19 million on that.

For this financial year we have a budget of 44 million pula, we have acquired 68 programmes and 13 fillers and engaged 49 companies and 80 % of those are youth owned businesses.”

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Digwaamaje further stressed that NOW TV does not buy international content.

For his part, BOFINET technology expert Mpho Koolese said, “Viewers are no longer limited to watching NOW TV at home on a television set, with this marriage between BOFINET and MYSC one can now do so at the pleasure of their handset, or tablet at one’s convenience.”

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