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No worries for B.O.G

Cathrine Moemedi

Taking a leaf out of legendary Reggae artist, Bob Marley’s line of thinking, Maun-based creative, B.O.G has released a single titled ‘Don’t Worry’.

Similar to the Jamaican legend’s timeless ‘Three Little Birds’ masterpiece , Karome’s Hip Hop Motswako tune includes the line, “My friend don’t worry, my dear don’t worry, everything is going to be alright.”

Speaking to Voice Entertainment this week, the 32-year-old singer explains he penned the feel-good track to bring a little light into the lives of those who are struggling emotionally.

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“This is an encouragement, to people, because people are passing through a lot in this life. We are living in a very difficult time and so many people end up giving up on their goals and dreams while others who are not strong enough to withstand the pressure end up killing themselves,” notes B.O.G grimly.

Although he grew up in the tourist town, where life is notoriously laidback, the singer born Bonang Karome admits he has faced dark times as well.

“The inspiration [for the song] also came from my own life experiences. It speaks to me because I am passing and I have passed through a lot and I am still standing. I believe nothing is permanent in this life.”

Having started his music journey when he was in Junior School, B.O.G is hopeful that one day his talent will take him places and change his entire livelihood.

Keen to appeal to as wide an audience as possible, the flexible Maun native refuses to be pinned down to a single genre, telling Voice Entertainment he ‘caters for everyone’.

“I do various kinds of genres I do not want to limit myself or my talent. I believe I had a breakthrough, by the time I was signed by Vib Mobile on Caller tunes, and more people subscribed to my music the more I earned.”

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As a side hustle to his music, B.O.G is taking Forex classes and hopes to follow in the footsteps of other local traders and ‘make it big’.

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