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MISS BOTSWANA: Palesa Molefe

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Palesa jets off to Puerto Rico

‘Whatever happens God has got us”

Miss Botswana 2021/2022,Palesa Molefe will leave today for Miss World round 2 to be hosted in Puerto Rico.

Before she left, The Voice’s SHARON MATHALA caught up with the 22-year- old queen on Tuesday for this goodbye message.

Happy International Women’s Day. This year theme is breaking the bias; tell us what that means to you

Breaking the bias actually resonates with a certain trip I took the Khomacae mines and I noticed that a lot the women doing heavy manual work.

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There were women working underground and women driving humongous vehicles at the mine and to me that was such an eye opening moment.

It made me emotional because years back this was an industry that was impossible for women to break into.

It is about setting the narrative about how colorful and strong women are.

Less than a week before the finale, what are your thoughts and emotions?

I am excited and geared up. I am setting up my mind into the space of getting back to the competition and representing Botswana as best as I can.

You have travelled the country documenting Botswana, tell us about this experience.

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It was amazing travelling around and seeing parts of Botswana I had never seen before and to be welcomed by the communities with so much love was really humbling.

I noticed that as much as we have different tribes, we have more that brings us together than what divides us.

Wherever I went I was received with open arms, which was definitely an amazing experience that I will forever be grateful for.

Which place would you say still remains close to your heart from the excursion?

I don’t know if I can choose because all the trips offered different experiences but if I was to pick I would say I had a lot of fun in Khawa.

Because the children taught me how to slide on the sand dunes and it was my first time.

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I got to connect with the children there , they taught me a bit of Afrikans

You have notably given this journey your all, what would you say is the one thing that has stood out for you ,from the night you were crowned until today?

The immense growth I have gotten as a person. I feel I have grown so much as a person from this experience.

I have been given many opportunities

You recently visited the first family, what is one advice the first Lady, Neo Jane Masisi gave you off camera?

She said to me that I should have fun, she said sometimes it is so easy to overlook the having fun part and being in the experience.

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She said to me Palesa you need to enjoy your reign and I hold that dear because I believe it is so important to be fully immersed in your journey.

As you leave what is your final word to Afrikaans?

My final say is whatever happens God has got us.

Thank you and The Voice Entertainment wishes you well.

Thank you so much.

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