Panic as contact tracing leads to police station


There was panic and confusion at Gaborone Central Police Station last Friday when the Contact Tracing team visited Central Police Station following detection of a new Covid 19 case.

An illegal immigrant woman who was tested as part of repatriation was found to be positive of Covid-19 and at the time her husband who was the immediate contact was in police custody for entering the country illegally .

He had been detained at Central Police Station holding cells awaiting his results.

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Speaking to The Voice Online, Central Police Station Commander, Superintendent Mothusi Phadi confirmed the incident.

He said the suspect who is aged between 40 and 45 has since tested negative but he was taken for mandatory quarantine.

He said the other three inmates are also on quarantine. “Contact tracing team came to assess and ruled out the possibility of exposure by the officers and our clients. They assured us that there is nothing to worry about. He was tested during arrest and the results indicate he was negative and it is just that his close contact being the wife tested positive,” said Phadi .

During his update on Friday, Director of Health Services- Dr Malaki Tshipayagae said the case was possibly a local transmission.

He said the lady who is a nursing mother was admitted at Sir Ketumile Teaching Hospital.

He said of the five active cases three are Batswana while two are foreigners who will be repatriated to their countries.

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