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Police arrest 10 people in riots over Lobatse missing boy

Police have arrested about ten people in Lobatse as the controversy surrounding a missing eight-year-old boy, Tlotso Karema, took a violent turn.

Police spokesperson, Senior Superintendent Near Bagali, confirmed to The Voice Online that the 10 people who were by today (Tuesday) afternoon still in police custody will be charged with amongst others, malicious damage to government property.

The riot comes after incensed members of the Peleng community confronted the Police for apparent non-reaction over the missing standard 1 pupil.

“The background of the matter is that back in March we received a report of a missing child and we immediately embarked on a search for him. We even went as far as asking for help from the public and we have held several Kgotla meetings,” Bagali said.

According to Bagali, sometime around April 13th the Police received a report about suspected human bones that were found along the Kanye Lobatse road.

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Further, according to the police, they are in the process of establishing what could have possibly happened to the 8-year-old.

However, according to the police, anxiety grew among community members and they were too impatient to wait for police investigations to be concluded.

“The unrest started on Sunday afternoon but got worse only yesterday (Monday). The residents were burning tyres and barricading the roads and we had to intervene to try and calm down the situation. We are a republic governed by the rule of law and in the process of trying to calm the situation some members of the public started throwing stones at the Police officers and their vehicles,” Bagali further stated.

According to the police, during the riot on Monday evening, a total of three police officers sustained injuries whilst four police vehicles were destroyed.

“We have since arrested 10 men in relation to the riot. We have not yet finalized what we will charge them with but may include amongst others malicious damage to Government property,” Bagali said.

This is a developing story.
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