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Primary schools receive mask donations

HAND THAT GIVETH: Kealotswe donating the face masks

Councillors from across the political divide continue to be at the fore-front of combating the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuring that school going children are safe as they pursue their studies in the midst of a deadly disease.

From as far as Maitengwe, Mosetse and here in Francistown, politicians, especially Councillors have dipped into their own pockets, or did their best to mobilise the business community and individuals to come to the aid of the many under resourced public schools.

Maitengwe South Councilor Million Tabalume Masumbika, in partnership with Gomes Philisa donated face masks to Dagwi and Mengwe Memorial Primary Schools for standard 7 pupils and their teachers.

The masks were handed to the respective schools’s leadership in the presence of Central District Council (CDC) Chairperson Ketshwereng Galeragwe who’s on a tour of the schools to check their preparedness.

In Francistown, Monarch North Councillor Gopolang Almando oversaw the donation of 249 masks to Monarch, Ntshe and Phatlhogo Primary Schools.

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The goodwill gesture came from the Managing Director of Grembo Integrated Security, Samuel Grembo Kealotswe.

The masks were donated to all Standard 7 pupils in Francistown West.

Additionally, Grembo Integrated Security extended their gesture to Tagala, Mahudiri, Tatitown and Aerodrome Primary Schools.

Councillor Gopolang thanked Kealotswe, who himself is a Monarch native for rising to the occasion and helping in the fight against Covid-19.
“It is also worth noting that all the face masks were designed by local tailors right here in Monarch,” he said.

The Councillor said since the return of students to schools, he believes they are at 95% ready to welcome all classes back in school.

“There has been some teething problems, but those in charge have always been swift to address them. For instance, there were complaints about lack of hot water which was immediately addressed at Selolwe Junior. I inquired from Council, and I was assured that hot water will soon be availed at all primary schools,” he said.

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“My only worry was with Phatlogo Primary School which also has visually impaired students. The material used to build hand-wash basins is not the best, I’d have loved enamel,” said Gopolang.

The area Councillor said he was also worried that none of the primary schools in Monarch North were disinfected prior to re-opening of schools.
“Maybe there’s nothing to worry about, but I’d have slept much easy if the schools had been disinfected,” he said.