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Quickie with Miss Botswana



Palesa Molefe

You were only given three weeks to prepare for Miss World, that must have been tough?

It was quite difficult to prepare for the Pageant in three weeks looking at the challenges we faced financially and time constraints. It was challenging but that did not demoralize us. I think we did quite well in applying ourselves and making sure that we prepared as best we could.

Tell us a bit about Puerto Rico, where the pageant was held?

Puerto Rico is amazing, the people are warm and welcoming – they reminded me so much of Botswana. The food is amazing too; if I had stayed longer I think I would have come back having gained almost 10kg! It’s a lovely place and beautiful scenery so it was such a big part of my growth this year.

Of the other contestants, who did you get on with best?

I made friends with a lot of the ladies but I will single out Miss Jamaica. At some point we sat next to each other in a bus and we talked about life, our feelings of growth and our experience so far. We found common ground in individuality, expression and being able to be yourself.

Batswana rallied behind like never before – did you feel the love and was it something you expected?

I did not expect this kind of love and support. I’m so shocked and overwhelmed. Every single time I’m faced with love and support from Batswana it never cease to amaze me. I feel so grateful and humbled; this is unmerited favour and grace. Honestly what I can just do is to continue being grateful and thank Batswana for what they are doing for me.


From the few clips we saw, it was noticeable that your energy was a hit with the other ladies. Would you say this was a true reflection?

The few clips which were taken in moments were true and happening in real life. It was a true representation of what was happening in Puerto Rico. It was love, passionate, fun and great sisterhood. I’m happy that it was not something that was recorded but something that I got to experience and feel.

You must have been gutted when they postponed the pageant?

I was saddened by the decision they made because we had worked so hard for this moment and it was cut short while so close to the final day. The preparations and investments which were made to make it happen would be applied at this certain time. But I understand we would rather save people’s lives than have a show, people’s lives are more important. So if it meant postponing it so that we curb the increase in Covid-19 cases so be it.

It must be frustrating knowing you now have to wait another 85 days for your shot at glory?

In all honesty it could be 20 days or 10 more days. I say this because the announcement was saying within the next 90 days. So I’m not demoralized because we are on our toes so I’m on the edge of my seat because I have to be ready all the time. I’m excited and still getting ready because you can never say you have had enough preparations, you prepare yourself every single day.

So what will you be up to over the holidays?

I think I will dedicate this holidays to my mother because I have been away for the longest time. This is a great opportunity for me and her to sit down and connect again and celebrate Christmas and this past year, which was full of growth.



(Issue V1229 FRIDAY 24.12.2021)


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