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Rahube’s solo gift

Tshepo Kehimile
NEW MUSIC: Rahube's first ever solo album

Having honed his craft as a member of various traditional groups for the last eight years, Rahube has decided the time is right to go it alone, dropping his first-ever solo album.

Uplifting, tuneful, and bursting with the energy one has come to expect from the lively genre, ‘Moko wa Teme Volume 1’ is a dramatic, decent opening foray into life as a main act for the 33-year-old artist.

Proudly describing his debut LP as ‘fire’, the singer born Gift Ntshekisang tells Voice Entertainment the album has been well received since its official release last month.

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“Most songs are in Setswana, which is a rich, poetic language. The album has eight tracks, five of them are strictly setapa, traditional dance music (borankana) and the other three are dikhwaere.”

Oozing with confidence, it is perhaps a slight surprise it took the self-assured Rahube so long to seek out the solo limelight.

However, the Kanye native explains his experience and past unions have given him a greater, more rounded understanding of music, moulding him into the all-around artist he is today.

“My musical journey started back in 2013 when we formed a group called Dipilara Tsa Ga Ngwaketse and recorded an album titled ‘Dipilara Tsa Ga Ngwaketse’. It did well in the market, as people were sharing love towards our offering.”

Hungry to broaden his horizons, despite the group’s success, Rahube chose to move on.

“I eventually left the group as I still wanted to learn a variety of traditional music genres. I linked up with a group called Banna Ba Lekgotla before forming a group named ‘Ditlhakana Tlhogo’. All these groups released choirs (Dikhwaere) genre,” he reveals.

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When he’s not dressing up in cultural attire and busting out traditional tunes, Rahube works at Jwaneng Mine.

Indeed, he admits his music career has often been forced to play second fiddle to his demanding day job.

“I am still adamant that my music will be remembered countrywide regardless of my other commitments,” Rahube concludes, unable to suppress a grin at the thought of one day becoming a household name.

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