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Rastaman’s shame



*Facebook cat fight exposes boyfriend’s wandering eye

A boyfriend with a wandering eye was forced to apologise to his stay-in girlfriend and another angry woman who found herself caught in the crossfire.

38-year-old Norman Mangoyani was at the centre of an ill-fated Facebook post by his girlfriend Lucia Dube.

The remorseful Dube, 29, shared a picture of her suspected love rival Bochilo William on the ‘Find it in Francistown’ Facebook page last Monday.

The pic included a damning caption that read, ‘Sefebe se se mpolaile bathong #Botshelo o nna ko Newstance.’ This b***h killed me guys, #Botshelo who stays in Newstance).

Although she deleted the post half-an-hour later, the damage was already done.

The following afternoon, an angry William marched into The Voice’s Francistown office, dragging Dube and the dreadlocked Mangoyani with her and demanding they clear her name.

“I received a call from my sister on Tuesday morning asking about the post. I also received messages from friends and relatives who wanted to know about the Facebook post,” revealed the fuming 27-year-old, adding she never saw the offending post because it was removed by the time she checked it on the popular Francistown social media group.


William told The Voice that the culprit, under a pseudo account titled ‘Jason Khupe’, used her WhatsApp Display Picture for the damaging post.

“Earlier I had received an SMS from an unknown number asking me to stay away from their man. I immediately connected the dots that the sender of that message was probably connected to the Facebook post,” she explained, her voice shaking with rage as Dube, sitting across from her, studies her nails.

Admitting that Mangoyani had made numerous advances on her, William denied ever having a relationship with the older man, who sat slumped in his chair as his alleged love interest striped him bare.

“I’m not in love with his man. Yes he made advances but I turned him down because I have a man,” she said, fixing Mangoyani with a steely stare.

“I asked Norman about the post, he told me his girlfriend confessed to posting it,” she added.

A devastated William said although Dube apologised, she felt it was not enough and demanded that she should do it on a public platform.

“My reputation has been ruined, my name soiled over something that is absolutely untrue!”

A visibly shaken and remorseful Dube told The Voice that she posted the picture after reading text message exchanges between her boyfriend and William.

“I was hurt. They were appointing to meet and he even called her love. That is why this past Saturday I sent her a message warning her to stay away from my man.

“I realise now that what I did was childish, that is why I removed the post within 30 minutes. I unreservedly apologise to her for the hurt and embarrassment I caused,” said Dube, fighting back tears as she speaks.


Next to apologise was Mangoyani who put the blame squarely on himself for setting the women against each other.

“Had I not approached Bochilo this would never have happened. I really don’t know what to say. I’m ashamed!” Mangoyani sobbed, burying his face in his palms.

The couple’s remorse seemed to satisfy William, who left with her sisters. Mogoyani and Dube departed soon after, the strained silence suggesting the rastaman was in for an earful when he got home.

Although William chose not to report the matter to the police, Letlhakane Police Station Commander, Michael Maphephu said for such an offence a person could be charged with common nuisance or cyber crime and computer related crime depending on the investigations.

“Cyber crime and computer related crime can attract 20 years imprisonment while common nuisance can attract a fine of not more than P200,” confirmed Maphephu.

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Son of BDP women’s wing SG accused of forging DIS boss signature



Yes I was detained and questioned- Maruapula

A man rumoured to be romantically linked to the reigning Miss Botswana, Oweditse Phirinyane was this week allegedly nabbed and questioned for impersonating a Directorate Of Intelligence Services (DIS) agent.

The suspect, Mompati Maruapula is the son of Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) women’s wing secretary General, Neo Maruapula.

He reportedly attracted law enforcement officers’s attention by uttering a false document, complete with a forged signature of the Director General of the DIS Peter Magosi as ‘proof” that he was employee of the DIS when he was not.

He allegedly produced the fake proof of employment in an attempt to fraudulently purchase a BMW vehicle limited addition at one of the car dealers in Gaborone, an eyewitness has claimed.

“The car dealership phoned the DIS to confirm and that is when law enforcement agencies were alerted and a sting operation was set in motion to nab him,” the source further narrated.

He was then told to come back at 2Pm for the car only for him to find security agents waiting to catch him.

Asked to comment on the incident Maruapula explained that he was not charged but simply questioned.

“They (Police) said they would get back to me. I have not yet been charged with any crime. I was briefly detained and released yes. It is true,” he said in a brief interview.

The DIS when quizzed about the matter referred The Voice to The Botswana Police.

“I cannot confirm nor deny your questions. Please liase with the Police for a full brief,” DISS spokesperson Edward Robert said.

Miss Botswana also refused to comment saying she would like to keep her private life private and quickly handed the phone to the recently divorced Maruapula who was in her company at the time.

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Montshiwa’s murder trial yet to start



Trial date for the late Fairground Holdings Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Michael Montshiwa’s murder case has been postponed as Judge Michael Mothobi is on sick leave.

The main suspect in this matter attorney David Modise and his co-accused- a traditional doctor Tumelo Tshukudu, today appeared at the Gaborone High Court for mention and confirmation of trial dates.

The 35-year-old lawyer is linked to the death of his client, Montshiwa, and he is facing another charge of stealing by agent.

He is currently out on bail awaiting trial.

Montshiwa was shot and killed on the 18th of October, 2015 at his house in Block 6 Gaborone.

It is said that Modise was the last person to communicate with Montshiwa just minutes before the CEO’s fatal shooting.

Police investigations revealed that between June 30 and October 17, 2015, Modise withdrew about P245 000 from Montshiwa’s Trust account.

The money according to the Investigating Officer Detective Senior Superintendent Sergeant Marapo, was entrusted to Modise for the purchase of a plot for Montshiwa in Mogoditshane.

It is alleged that when Montshiwa realised that the money was missing from the Trust account, he communicated with Modise demanding to see him at his house on the night he was killed.

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DPP resuscitates 15 year ‘cold’ murder case



Nearly fifteen years after he allegedly hacked three people to death, the wheels of justice have started turning and the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) are reopening the files to bring murder suspect Mokolopi Mothusi to book.

The accused is facing a triple murder charge after he allegedly hacked to death a man, his wife, and their child with a tomahawk axe sometime in 2005 at Khonkhwa settlement near Jwaneng.

The matter appeared to have been forgotten for sometime, but on Monday the DPP reopened Mothusi’s files and he showed up in court walking with the aid of crutches.

Initially the matter was scheduled for trial for several dates in May but had to be postponed to December to allow the defense to locate witnesses.

“We are faced with a difficult matter here, so far the state had intended to call 20 witnesses, but we are informed that five of them have since died. We will also need time to locate our witnesses who are scattered somewhere in the desert,” said attorney Tengo Rubadiri who is defending Mothusi.

The matter was postponed and trial dates have been set for December 10th up to 15th 2020.

Meanwhile, in a separate matter, Kagiso Sejamabogo will have to wait a bit longer in prison before he is granted bail pending appeal of his 17-year prison sentence for various offences.

Although he has been in prison since 2012, Sejamabogo will have to wait until June before the High Court hears his appeal because a typist who was recording his case record at Molepolole Magistrates Court has been transferred to Mochudi.

Since 2018, Sejamabogo has been trying to get his case record from the court but the staff have been too busy with other engagements at the expense of his agonizing prison remand.

Justice Michael Leburu ordered the Molepolole Court Clerk to avail the record on the 29th of May and that the appellant will present his argument on June 22nd.

The appellant has had his prison term reduced to 11 years and has so far served eight years in prison.

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