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Social Media Round UP!

SAMAs snub Makhadzi

The South African Music Awards recently released their list of nominees for 2021.

One notable absentee is the popular South African artist Makhadzi.

This surprised many as Makhadzi’s ‘Kokhova’ album was a fan favorite last year.

The singer took to her social media to say, “I did submit SAMAs nomination forms but unfortunately maybe I didn’t meet their requirements.”

SAMAs snub Makhadzi

SNUBBED: Makhadzi

To which her musician peer Cassper Nyovest responded, “Don’t worry”.

They don’t mean anything anymore.

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Keep your head up and keep making history.

“We love you.”
One commenter insists the snub was justified, arguing Makhadzi has a limited following.

“Makhadzi sings for a very few people. She sings for one province with 2 other tribes besides her own.”

Alternatively, someone pointed out this might be a blessing in discussion for the Limpopo star, noting, “Last time they snubbed ‘Jerusalema’ by Master KG and it became an international sensation. Watch this space with Makhadzi.”

ATI for sale

The Round Up’s favorite rapper, ATI has returned with some breaking news.

He is selling his body for P200 an hour and P500 without a condom!

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He broke the news via a video clip of himself standing in his undies to advertise the goods (himself).

ATI for sale


He ended the video with ‘See you in bed’ which sent social media ROTF (rolling on the floor) in laughter.

Obviously, this is all in fun (we hope) but if at all you want to try your luck then you can email him at [email protected]

“Imagine your girlfriend paying for ATI, then you realise she paid the P500,” said one comment.

It was a light-hearted moment on the social media streets.

Bamalete win their case

This past week, the Bamalete tribe won their High Court case against the landboard which wanted to repossess Forest Hill farm.

There was widespread elation at the news, with one commenter summing up the historic moment by saying, “The Bamalete case is a landmark one that should get other Batswana demanding land that was taken from them improperly. Until we do a comprehensive land audit we are not going to have peace as many Batswana feel marginalized in their own country.”

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Bamalete win their case

VICTORIOUS: Kgosi Mosadi Seboko and the Bamalete tribe

Amid the joy, others warned the matter was far from over, noting, “Congratulations Bagamalete but brace yourselves for a marathon of court cases.”

Another commenter chimed in, “The Bamalete always had it rough when it comes to land, but the Catholic Church by far pulled the biggest number on them.”

AKA’s interview

South African rapper AKA recently did an interview to address some tough questions regarding the passing of his fiancé, Anele Tembe.

Giving his version of events on the day Tembe died, AKA revealed, “Things got heated in the early hours of the morning. I decided I’m going to gather my belongings, leave the room, and hopefully, things would simmer down. It got to a point where we argued more and she took off her ring and threw it at me. I called reception for security and I kind of tried to remove myself from the situation again. I didn’t want to be there so I went to the bathroom and when I came out of the bathroom, she wasn’t in the room.”

AKA's interview


Social media were quick to share their thoughts, with many questioning the timing of the interview.

“I feel like it’s a bit too soon for ‘an exclusive’ but I understand AKA’s pressure particularly because the speculations have already started to impact his revenue,” said one comment.

“Why would he leave a suicidal person alone and leave the room,” questioned another.

AKA declined to say what the arguments were about, leaving more questions than answers on how responsible he is for the death if at all.

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Tshepang Mogale cyberbullied

Cyberbullying has long been a problem in Botswana.

People allow themselves to say hurtful things to others, believing it is of no consequence.

Unfortunately, Tshepang Mogale was a victim this past week after we saw screenshots of rude and disrespectful comments directed at her.

She says she has been bullied her whole life and was so fed up she decided to make a live video clapping back at her bullies.

The emotional rant went viral, with many sympathizing with Mogale.

Tshepang Mogale cyber bullied

VICTIM: Tshepang Mogale

“I could see the woman is in pain, I could tell women are the cause of her pain,” observed one follower.

“The problem is that many expected Tshepang Mogale to defend herself in a manner that suits them. Now they cherry-pick her words. With me, I’m happy with what she said. She shouldn’t have apologized,” defended another.

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Bullying is a cruel form of torture, more especially online where content lives forever.

Remember, it doesn’t hurt to be kind!

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