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Sangoma claims COVID cure




“The ancestors showed me the answer in a vision”

With the entire planet grappling with the Covid-19 pandemic, and the world’s top scientists desperately working on a cure, a local sangoma believes she has the solution.

40-year-old Chandapiwa Nyoka, a respected medicine lady from the small village of Mookane, felt compelled to contact The Voice after experiencing a vision on Tuesday.

It is not the first time the traditional doctor has experienced such an apparition.

“What I can tell you is that towards the end of last year I had another vision of something that was coming to shake the world. I did not know what it was then. I had sleepless nights about it for a while but I could not just get my finger on it and so I ignored it,” revealed Nyoka.

“When the disaster hit, I think early this year, that is when I knew what my vision was about. The discomfort also disappeared for a while,” continued the sangoma, adding she received another message from the spirit world this week.

“On Tuesday I had another vision. There were a lot of flying insects, with blot-shot red eyes. There was a lot of darkness. In this vision, the flying insects transmitted this virus. The virus created a lot of foam in the human body,” explained Nyoka, pausing dramatically as she arrives at the heart of her story.

“The ancestors then led me to this ‘Segwere’ (wild tubers crop), which they say will cure the virus.”

She is convinced this will put a stop to Coronavirus, the global pandemic which by Thursday had claimed over 184, 000 lives worldwide.

“This is the cure to Covid-19, I am confident. I want to engage Government so they can do tests on it. I am sure it can be the solution!” she reiterated emotionally.

The sangoma is desperate for government to heed her advice before the killer virus establishes a stronger foothold in the country.

The Voice reached out to Minister of Health and Wellness, Lemogwang Kwape to get his views on the matter.

Kwape was hesitant to share the Ministry position, saying only, “Adversity brings the best out of us but we should note that there are processes that need to be followed.

“Those solutions need to scientifically tested before they can be used. There are specifications that should be met,” he cautioned, adding he was not aware of Nyoka’s appeal.

“We are yet to receive her plea but maybe because I am still under home quarantine her request has not yet reached my desk.”

As of Thursday, confirmed cases in Botswana stood at 22 with one death. So far, 5, 023 individuals have been tested for the virus, including President Mokgweetsi Masisi and his entire cabinet. His Excellency has been on home quarantine since Thursday 9 April but was released today (23 April) after testing negative.


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