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UNWANTED: Wastewater
UNWANTED: Wastewater
UNWANTED: Wastewater

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Sewage war

Tension is brewing between Estate Construction Company and CA Sales following a drain leakage.

The sewer which has flooded the nearby industrial plot has forced Concrete for You Company, a company on the site to stop some of its projects.

Site Manager for Concrete for You, Mothusi Segaile said that they have reported the issue to both CA Sales and Department of Environmental Affairs but it seems their pleas fell into deaf ears.

“This is a potential source for groundwater contamination because wastewater that leaks out of the defective pipe joints and cracks may contaminate ground and surface water and cause a host of other problems including ground subsidence due to erosion of underground soil,” said Segaile.

Segaile complained that due to the heavy overflowing of the sewage system from CA Sales, they had to stop their production as they could not allow their workers to work in such conditions.

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He also said that after employing more workers they could not continue using temporary toilets due to hygiene and wanted to construct their own ablution block.

“We have stopped that too because of the sewage.” However, CA Sales Operations Director, Grant Goodin said that their sewage has a sewerage “sub Station” within equipped with pumps to pump sewage into the main stream town council sewerage line but unfortunately, members of the public from time to time deposit many foreign objects into the sewerage system.

“During the past week certain foreign object(s) got caught in the sewerage-pump motors, blocking the motors and leaving them dysfunctional and not able to pump sewege away from the CA Sales (Pty) Ltd sewerage station,” explained Goodin.

He said that the sewerage tanks got filled to overflowing but as soon as the problem was discovered by CA Sales (Pty) Ltd, a service provider was called to resolve the problem.

He stated that the incident was outside their control and not due to any neglect or malice on their part.

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