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State to collect Majaga’s blood sample for a DNA test



State to collect Majaga’s blood sample for DNA test

The state made an application this Tuesday before Nata Magistrate court to collect blood samples from Nata/Gweta Member of Parliament (MP) Polson Majaga for a DNA test.

Majaga is accused of defiling a 16-year-old girl of Malelejwe cattle post around Nata village.

His victim gave birth 24 days ago.

“When this matter was reported, the victim was pregnant. She gave birth on the 5th of this month. I managed to collect blood samples from the victim and the newly born baby for a paternity test.”


“I make an application from this court to collect the blood samples from the accused so I can take it for forensic analysis.”

“That will complete my investigations as I have already collected the statements from the witnesses,” said the Investigating Officer, Detective Senior Superintendent Galesite Lesego. He also told the court that investigations are almost complete.

Kefilwe Jeremiah from the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) told the court that since the victim has given birth, they have made an application that the accused be subjected to medical tests through blood samples.

“It enables comparison of blood samples between the accused and the new born baby,” said Jeremiah.z

In his response to the DPP, the lawyer for the accused, Mishingo Jeremiah pleaded with the court to have the application made in writing so that Majaga can respond to it in writing too.


“And we also plead that the matter be called on a later date for the hearing. The background of this matter is that we were only ambushed this morning. The application needs to be given the attention it deserves,” said Mishingo.

The Magistrate ruled that the state must file its submissions on or before August 7th and the defense responds to the state on or before the 14th of the same month.


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