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Stuck in the pan




Stuck in the pan

The defection of Francistown West MP Ignatius Moswaane to the opposition has allegedly created confusion within the constituency.

According to worried democrats, people are not happy with the recently co-opted members of the Branch Committee.

Yours Truly has been told there are now two centers of power in the constituency, with one committee led by a certain gentleman who has his eye on the Parliamentary seat.

However, a rival gent from the regional committee, who also harbours parliamentary ambitions, supports a rival group that claims legitimacy in the constituency.


This other faction apparently feels there was no need to co-opt members when there’s a legitimately elected committee.

Out of frustration, one Councillor was allegedly heard loudly exclaiming, “There’s absolutely nothing we can do, we’re stuck here and we can’t even defect.”

Well, it’s too late for regrets Honorable, you’re stuck in the pan now.


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