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The colored suit!

The colored suit!

COLOUR CODED: a little colour to boost your spring settings

Gentlemen’s spring fit!

Fashion for the truly stylish has become even more experimental and exciting! A tweak to your usual colour wheel is the easiest way to light up dull outfits, particularly in spring.

Fikile Ndori, set the template for the #menswear movement for this spring with such a flamboyant, most enduring men’s basics.

He ushers in spring fashion in a simple but attention gawking suit.

The colored suit!

ACCESSORIES ALWAYS MAKES SENSE: the quintessential gentleman uses accessories for a timeless style

Its effectiveness is in the colour, texture and the only fashion accessories he opted for, a bracelet.

Nothing makes an outfit more dapper than a clean savvy, structured suit.

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Nothing takes an outfit to top notch than Colour and accessories.

Like Fikile, this spring, opt for the everyday man’s style armour in a hue if the moment paired with a white shirt.

You can never go wrong with luxurious soft tailoring which has an ease of style of the mid-century jet set.

When anyone dons a suit, it’s truly a mark of a powerful elevation.

Follow him on facebook at Fikile OG Ndori for more style savvy insets.

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