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The Leteisi Moodbooster!

Happy Independence Botswana!

Independence Day calls for a time to reflect, acknowledge the tribulations and celebrate all the triumphs we have garnered this far.

This Independence Day is no exception as we celebrate Botswana in all its forms.

This season, in the spirit of Independence Day and cultural rapport, The Voice On Fashion celebrates special attires that speak to us as Botswana.

Unpacking our cultural dress through millennial times, visions and perspectives was something I needed to share.

We will see a morph in Botswana-inspired fabrics, hues, and style combo reigns in eclectic pairings this independence.

As Botswana fashion enthusiasts and fashion designers, we now understand that fashion culture is a language, which adds an important and distinctive aesthetic to our livelihood, which needs to be embraced.

This mood booster gown celebrates a new Botswana whose traditional culture is dynamic.

It’s for the unconventional, modern bride who chooses to stay true to the culture while embracing boldness.

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Yes, the Independence style code has to be about patriotism and patriotic Botswana colors.

A little different this time around- we celebrate Botswana fashion still keeping in with the leteisi but with a twist to colour.

MOODBOOSTER LETEISI; a punch of patriotism, with a whole lot of colour of Hope and redemption

One of my observations is that there is a lot of colour that freshes for the current season.

It’s a call to express our creativity through other colours this independence, while still considering the essence of Botswana colours and aesthetics.

A simple way to upgrade your patriotic style quotient is pairing contrasting colours with prominent blue, black, white hues for effective style.

The conventional traditional attire enables us to flaunt the Botswana legacy very proudly, hence the need to take traditional cultural outfits and add a modern twist to them.

Traditional fashion is one of the dressing aspects that the nation upholds with respect and sheer esteem because of the sense of cohesion and oneness it brings towards Batswana.

Botswana ROYALTY: Fashion and culture create a very eclectic yet distinct aesthetic that can be identified according tribe or social class!

Hence, It is important to upgrade it with the times so that the one precious thing that holds us in unity and a sense of pride doesn’t fade away as the years go by!

Happy 55 Independence, Botswana! To a rich culture, and just legacy!

Photography | Bornaking
Model | Angela Atlang
Stylist | Tsholo Dikobe
Designer | Abigail Sehunelo
Make up | Tsholo Ramaribana
Hair by | Wawa Kenosi

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