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This week’s stylish essentials!



This week’s stylish essentials!

Leather bags

Wanderlust never looked so good. No stylish man of the world should go near a departure lounge without a proper set of luggage gliding behind him or a leather bag in his arms or back for an added image tweak.

One gentleman who knows his way around style, creativity and impeccable visual presentations isfounder of leather bags-REBEL@WORK, Head of Music & Entertainment at Yaronafm, Founder ofchillstep Sundays, Next Big EdmDj, now recently launched Munchies Market and pioneer in Electro Dance Music and voice of youth in arts, Drew Chadhall.

When it comes to leather, few duds come packaged with as much attitude, heritage or unfiltered masculinity as a leather bag.

Its minimal branding and detailing will almost guarantee longevity.

Drew Chadhall’scollection combines function and durability with the kind of design that’s bound to trigger envy at any check-in desk and street walk ways.

To upgrade your bag collection or arm charm, follow him on instagram and twitter @DREWCHADHALL on more leather bags essentials.

On fashion leather bags collection and entrepreuniship;

Q. Why leather bags / what was the inspiration?

I have always had a soft spot for leather products.

I think leather is one of the most complex yet interesting and beautiful material ever.

I like doing things slightly different and after 4 years of conceptualizing and inspiration, I finally decided to bring the idea to life with the assistance of my creative partner SfetsiWhat do you think the state of the arts or fashion is in Botswana as compared to the whole world?

Q. Batswana are seeing what’s happening with the rest of the world but they still want their own flavour, a little bit of our culture in their style.

I am happy to see more designers and creators pop up and own their style, the artistry is growing and many are incorporating it, in their everyday life.

The world is watching, and we must milk it.

Q. How the market received your products?

With the bags, we have only released one sample and a range that was bought out by a retail store in cape town, most of the sales are by orders and we are very particular with how much product we produce because its limited editions and with every garment comes uniqueness for the customer. What are your hopes with the label?

With the bags I went for a traditional feel but with global appeal.

I am happy to see a few pictures with people overseas loving and rocking the bags. I plan to take Botswana to the world through the bags and to collaborate with more leather manufacturers to create master pieces.

Q. Last words for people who want to start or are already in the leather production industry?

Leather is one of the best industries anyone can venture in.

It’s hard to get pure leather products overseas and once they see it, they want it.

The Italians are big on leather products and we have to learn to penetrate other markets and go beyond Botswana.

There’s nothing wrong with trying or being rejected, keep knocking till someone stocks your products.


The voice on fashion stunner

Who doesn’t love Prom night?

Prom is a time to seal your hard work school days with a nice dance, music and a show-stopping fashion dud!KatlegoMogapi, 17years stunned in her emerald lacey, fit to perfection and on trend –belle of the ball gown!

I give her a 10/10for the choice of colour and designwhich symbolizes regality and suits her lovely petite figure!


Photography | Model Hub

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2020 fashion shopping tricks



2020 fashion shopping tricks

Five SECRETS I use for a shopping STYLE bargain!

New season, means new style and we are happy at The Voice On Fashion to usher in 2020 with one repurposefulresolution and that is of being stylish yet spending savvy!

The festive season has come and passed, andit was a time of high buying!

In this month of financial recovery, I thought I share shopping tips I use that have come in handy throughout my fashion shopping to save you your last money.

You have to upcycle, and promote mindful purchasing while still delivering the shot of novelty!

You don’t have to buy everything at a hefty price.High price doesn’t always mean high style and vice versa.

Consider this your frugal savingtips or your ultimate affordable arsenal for this season and season ahead.

Here are the tips that I that could come handy for you when you are making this season’s trendy must haves.

GO SHOPPING ON A FULL STOMACH: It keeps you focused and you tend to not over spend any money on food or keeping up with the shopping energy.

SAVE MONEY by Mixing high end with low endor cheaper off the rack sales items.It’s perfectly okay to mix expensive items (such as jeans, bags) with cheaper pieces (such as vests, shirts) to achieve a timeless wardrobe. I always go for the “sale or discount rack”. It’s in these sale racks that you can find pieces that could make a stylishbut high quality wardrobe, thus saving you a lot of money!

DON’T BE A TREND FOLLOWER: Although it’s okay to keep with the times, but its best to invest in statement/investments pieces that are versatile and make most of your wardrobe. Investments pieces are the basics that any wardrobe shouldn’t be short of – White shirt, vests, Jeans, wrap dress, chinos, simple jewerly, a blazer, navy suit, a black bag, a watch and dressier shoes! This goes for both men and women. Avoid trendy fashion as you can get lured into buying different colours or design of the same piece/aesthetic.

DO NOT SHOP ARTIFICIAL FABRICS: It is during this time that there a discounts on fashion in preparation of the new season!However, cheap fabricsmakes you look artificial and not well put together. For example, Silk is a better fabric thancheap artificial chiffon. Buying better and spending once offis a great buying decision than buying many items for less that would tear or get torn in a few weeks! That only means more buying!

ANSWER QUESTION WHY OVER WHAT: Satifying a need is efficient and effective than satisfying a want. The reason for buying something because you need it in your capsule, for example needing socks should always prevail over you wanting happy socks while your wardrobe need of day to day socks. Satisfy the need before the wants.

TIME YOUR PURCHASES: Buying off-season clothing will always cost you less. For example; I always buy winter clothes in summer/spring because they cost less then! If I see a great leather jacket or a great pair of boots – I’d buy ahead of season because buying them now costs less.

BUY SECOND HAND / VINTAGE: Over the years I have enjoyed thrift buying because of the timelessness, intricacy of the pieces as well as the low prices but high quality, once off pieces!


The Voice on fashion stunner

Fashion for the truly stylish has become even more experimental and exciting!

Opening my best dressed list of the year 2020 with a distinct, striking look, which has that “je ne sais quoi” and unshakable individualistic identity is Katlego Ntirang alias Dato Seiko,who stunned at AFROPUNK in a RORISANG LU show stopper of a master piece.

What an artistic and 10/10 with a flare look!

Photography | MasegoMorulane

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Best dressed of the week



Best dressed of the week

South-African seasoned business woman and philanthropist,BasetsanaKumalo donned an exquisite gown by Lesedi Matlapeng of (Kef seddy Design Pty), that sculpted her figure, impeccably.

She couldn’t contain her excitement on the gorgeousness and the craftsmanship of the gown.

I give her a 10/10 for this champagne colour that dazzled and complemented her skinso well, and for supporting our seasoned designers like Lesedi Matlapeng! Great work Lesedi!

Photography | Peter Yuri

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What to wear in December!



In with style and out with trends!

With only 14 days left to Christmas, it’s official the holiday season is upon us and this means that we are setting in for a new decade of more style, fashion and travel.

No other month allows you to dabble in the full spectrum of dress codes like December does.

When the days nearer the 31st, we need to know what we are leaving out with the year, and what we are taking onto the next year.

Clothes are more than just making a statement or an impression but clothes give you focus and progression in line with your goals and resolutions.

For example, if you are keen on being addressed like a leader or “boss lady”, you may opt for more structured clothes like blazers, shirts and pencil skirts, or suits.

This does not only give you a look but it gives you the feeling that you can conquer it all, while at it.

Here is an idea what you should keep and take onto the next decade.

Write to me at, which items or pieces ofclothing are you leaving behind 2019 and which are you taking with onto your next endeavor?

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