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Too big to fit a condom
Too big to fit a condom

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Too big to fit a condom

‘Devil 666’ convicted of 3 rapes in month-long reign of hell

A man who described himself as ‘Devil 666’ has been found guilty of three counts of rape and one attempted rape during a month-long reign of terror in Tlokweng three years ago.

34-year-old Oscar Chabaya, whose penis was apparently so big it could not fit inside a condom, targeted young tertiary students, breaking into their homes at night to satisfy his sexual fantasies.

Before raping his victims, the demonic man who was always armed with a knife when he carried out his nighttime raids, is said to have toyed with the women.

During his trial, it was heard Chabaya boasted of being ‘good at sex’, promising his victims that after he raped them they would call him back ‘begging for more’.

Passing judgment on Wednesday, Extension II Magistrate, Lentlhabetse Willie labelled Chabaya ‘a heartless man’ who preyed on women under the age of 24.

The court was told how, two days before the serial rapist’s arrest, on 24 April 2017 a young woman awoke in the middle of the night to find Chabaya standing in her bedroom.

He warned her not to scream and demanded the password to her cellphone.

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“He put a memory card in my phone, went to the gallery and forced me to play a pornography video of six men having sex with one lady. I refused and he threatened to stab me with a knife. He ordered I do exactly what the lady in the video was doing, putting his penis in my mouth for sexual gratification. I was with my roommate and he ordered that she join in and we suck his penis. He told me he is good in sex and that if we allow him to have sex with us, we will call him for more,” reads the victim’s detailed statement.

The victim went on to say Chabaya had not wanted to use protection but she convinced him to use a condom.

However, she revealed she attempted to put the condom on Chabaya three times ‘but it would not fit his erect penis’.

In her statement, the young lady said Chabaya suggested it would be nice if ‘she was on top’.

“He laid on his back and I went on top. That gave my roommate a chance to unlock the door and she ran out and screamed for help.”

Chabaya then followed suit, fleeing into the night with the ladies’ cellphones.

He was arrested two days later – 26 April 2017 – after police matched his DNA to an earlier robbery case in which he cut his hand on a gate when making his escape.

Chabaya’s rape spree started on 24 March 2017, gaining entry into his victims’ house through a window that had been left ajar.

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Once inside he found five women sleeping. He searched the house for cellphones before raping two of the ladies without protection.

10 days later, on 3 April, he again broke into a residence in Tlokweng and raped one of the occupants.

Court heard that Chabaya had intended on raping her roommate but decided not to as she was on her period. He is said to have forced her to remove her underwear to prove that she was indeed menstruating.

After the rape, he again fled into the night with the ladies’ cellphones.

In convicting Chabaya, Magistrate Willie ruled the state had proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the sexual intercourse occurred without the victims’ consent.

The Magistrate ordered the rapist be bought for mitigation on 24 September and that prosecution should check his previous convictions before sentencing.

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