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“Vulture” stabs pregnant lover after sex

"Vulture" stabs pregnant lover after sex

A jealous boyfriend has been found guilty of Unlawful Wounding after stabbing his pregnant baby mama five times immediately after a steamy sex session.

The convicted man, Vulture Phuthegang, will be sentenced next week and faces a possible seven years in jail should court chose to hand out the maximum possible punishment.

Despite pleading his innocence, Broadhurst Magistrate Court ruled that Phuthegang repeatedly stabbed the mother of his three children, Dikago Rasego at the couple’s rented home in Mogoditshane back in 2018.

In her evidence, Rasego told court she had been preparing dinner on the fateful day when her lover ordered her to stop cooking and demanded sex.

Although she was tired after a long day at work, Rasego said she gave in to Phutegang’s request, joining her lover in the bedroom.

According to the victim, immediately after the sexual encounter, her lover accused her of having slept with another man.

She further told the court the argument became increasingly heated and, fearing for her life, she fled to a neighbour for help.

An enraged Phuthegang followed his girlfriend outside, chasing the pregnant woman around the yard. When he eventually caught her, Rasego says he stabbed her five times – thrice in the back and twice in the chest.

Leaking blood, the injured lady was rushed to hospital, where she spent a month on life support.

In his defence, Phuthegang tried to shift the blame, claiming Rasego’s injuries were caused by a neighbour who threw a bottle at the couple during the scuffle.

His tale failed to convince presiding Magistrate, Tshepo Thedi.

“The accused does not even tell the court why the witness (neighbor) would stab the complainant if he did. He even failed to convince the court how a thrown bottle can cause injuries three times at the back, right breast, lateral lower chest and including her abdominal,” noted Thedi in Tuesday’s ruling.

“Why the accused person would run away following the stabbing if it was it was someone else, it does not add up at all. None of this makes sense. All fingers are pointing at the accused person as the one who was seen stabbing the complainant,” she concluded.


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