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Was rapper LATTY arrested or was it a promo gimmick?

Was rapper LATTY arrested or was it a promo gimmick?


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Local rapper and socialite LATTY has alleged that the Botswana Police Service (BPS) arrested him for his latest hip -hop music video.

However, when Voice Entertainment reached out to all the police stations for confirmation it was unable to determine whether the arrest was real or a fake stunt by the time of going to press.

Police spokesperson Assistant Police Commissioner, Dipheko Motube was at pains to confirm or deny the rapper’s arrest.

Motube told Voice Entertainment in a telephonic interview on Tuesday that because LATTY has not lodged a complaint and there was no track of his alleged arrest the Botswana Police was hamstrung to assist him or The Voice.

It would then seem like the arrest was nothing but another stunt to promote Latty’s new music video dubbed “booty butt chicks”

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The song is a remix of his original song featuring Ozi F Teddy, comedian William Last KRM, Yung Amazing and Legacy DG.

Making claims of his arrest LATTY said he was called in for questioning by the Police on Friday hours after releasing his music video on the Internet.

“They told me that the video was violating some of the COVID-19 rules and that of cyber crime through publishing obscene material. I spent the Friday night in the Police cells until the following day (Saturday) when I was able to make a call to a lawyer friend of mine who assisted with my release,” LATTY said.

The rapper further claimed he was instructed by the Police to delete the music video, which he said he refused to do.

“The truth is I have been following the so-called rules but my songs would still get little or no airplay at all. I stifled my creativity and self censored myself to get my music to be played on radio but since that did not happen I decided to let the real creative in me loose through this particular music video. I expected to grab the attention of music fans, not the police. They should let creatives be creatives. There is nothing wrong with the video in my view, they even failed to prove that I shot the video during the COVID-19 restriction period,” he said.

In the explicit video, the rapper used a lot of X-rated material.

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“If it was a song from the USA or some other country people would be celebrating it that I can bet you. This is hip hop, the video is the very essence of hip hop and we talk about money, girls and drugs,” Latty explained.