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What to wear in December!


In with style and out with trends!

With only 14 days left to Christmas, it’s official the holiday season is upon us and this means that we are setting in for a new decade of more style, fashion and travel.

No other month allows you to dabble in the full spectrum of dress codes like December does.

When the days nearer the 31st, we need to know what we are leaving out with the year, and what we are taking onto the next year.

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Clothes are more than just making a statement or an impression but clothes give you focus and progression in line with your goals and resolutions.

For example, if you are keen on being addressed like a leader or “boss lady”, you may opt for more structured clothes like blazers, shirts and pencil skirts, or suits.

This does not only give you a look but it gives you the feeling that you can conquer it all, while at it.

Here is an idea what you should keep and take onto the next decade.

Write to me at, which items or pieces ofclothing are you leaving behind 2019 and which are you taking with onto your next endeavor?

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