When stars unite

Christinah Motlhabane
Dr. Tawanda

Dr. Tawanda and Slizer join forces on the red-hot single

With the icy grip of winter slowly setting in, two of the biggest names in local showbiz, Slizer, and Dr. Tawanda have joined forces on a red-hot new collaboration.

Released on Saturday, ‘Haleluya’ is a Kwasa Kwasa cracker sure to warm the hearts of fans as the cold weather hits.

The upbeat track will also appeal to God-fearing music fans as the song is about praising the Lord.

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“Haleluya meaning we agree that when we walk, we walk in the light of God; despite the situation like in this time of Covid-19 pandemic, we put God forward. He is the one who knows everything!” Dr. Tawanda told Voice Entertainment this week.

With an incredible 18 albums to his name, the 37-year-old muso knows a hit when he hears one; he is confident ‘Haleluya’ is just that.

With a catchy drumbeat – supplied by the good Doctor himself – and the talented Kuzi Kumakile on guitar, Tawanda’s deep voice is the perfect compliment to Slizer’s softer sound.

When stars unite
STAR: Slizer

The duet is the latest chapter in the legends’ proud working relationship, with Dr. Tawanda regularly supplying the backing vocals to Slizer’s music.

“The only challenge we had when working on this song was having to come up with a concept, the sound took care of itself!” continued Dr. Tawanda, who has been a mainstay in the music industry since 2002 when he burst onto the scene as a raw teenager.

Much has changed since then.

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“I am a family man married to a South African artist and I have a daughter who also sings. Her name is Nelsy B and she started singing when she was nine. She’s 13 now and is already a better singer than me!”

Offering his fellow artists a helping hand, the good Dr revealed his studio, Mega Bass Studio in Gaborone, is available much cheaper than normal.

“Covid-19 really affected me because right now in Botswana we are not having shows as usual but since I am based in South Africa we are performing. Any artist who wants to record their songs, I am offering to record at P700 only since many do not have money because of the canceled performances due to Covid-19,” he closed.

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