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SPEAKS OUT: Motsaathebe


Will BDP sacrifice Motsaathebe again?

We were facing an insurmountable challenge in 2019- Motsaathebe

Two years ago, Fankie Motsaathebe- a Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) parliamentary aspirant for Goodhope-Mabule constituency, dropped from the primary elections race at the eleventh hour, much to the disappointment of party loyalists who had favoured him over Local Government and Rural Development Minister, Eric Molale, in the 2019 BDP Primary elections.

The Voice Staffer, Daniel Chida, spoke to Motsaathebe who again is likely to be pushed out in favour of Minister of Finance and Economic Development, and Specially Elected Member of Parliament, Peggy Serame.

What is the status of the BDP in your constituency?

BDP in our constituency is in very good shape, save for the challenges brought about by Covid-19 as we are unable to visit the voters as we used to due to the health restrictions.

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We have also not had an opportunity to thank the voters the way we used to.

You were favoured to win the Goodhope/Mabule constituency but decided to pave way for Eric Molale, why?

It is well known that I have a historical interest in representing Barolong in parliament.

I’m a person of interest in that regard but subject to party procedures, one will pronounce at the right time, when nominations are opened, but I am willing and I’m available.

Are you aware that the decision you took disappointed many who saw a potential in you?

I was a favorite to win the constituency in 2019, but we had to make a compromise to secure the constituency from the opposition!

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I had to sacrifice in the interest of the party and the people and I stepped down as candidate and became the Campaign Manager!

We secured victory and restored the BDP to its former glory in Goodhope Mabule.

We are proud of that. Sacrifice is very important in any organization.

It is not about an individual, it is all about the collective. I had to make a strategic retreat which has paid!

The constituency was in the hands of the opposition mainly because of the aftermath of primaries which candidates have no control over!

What was the reward for that decision?

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Our decision to compromise was actually accepted as our people went to vote for the BDP.

Elections are not about individuals but the people. It matters not who is representing the party, it is always about the BDP.

There is no reward in politics. One volunteers his or her time without any expectation for reward of self aggrandizement.

I have been in this party since 1990, I was only 14 and have never been rewarded for anything that I’ve done for the party!

I also don’t expect any reward, no politician should expect to be rewarded for serving the people.

In 2024, are you going to stand or you are going to pave way for someone again?

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In 2024 when the party calls for nominations I will avail myself.

Already there are allegations or let me say its public knowledge that Peggy Serame will be allocated your constituency, what are you going to do?

I wouldn’t comment on any member of our party since every member of the party has a right to avail himself or herself to the judgment of the people!

Serame is our leader and we work very closely with her.

I have worked with the late Sebego, who was a Minister, Ambassador Kitso Mokaila who was also a minister and Molale who was also a minister when he came into politics.

No one is “given” a constituency in the BDP, the people decide in primary elections

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If forced to not contest, what decision will you take?

I can never be forced “not to stand”, that’s not how it works. No one can ever be forced “not to stand”! We were facing an insurmountable challenge in 2019.

We had to do all to win elections.

In conclusion, kindly share with us what you have achieved since being elected into office.

The first task that I undertook upon being nominated as a Councillor in the Goodhope Sub District was to assist with water during the first lockdown.

I requested and secured a donation of the services of eight 16000-liter water bowsers from the private sector to assist with delivering water to our communities in the constituency.

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This came at no cost to the Council or Water Utilities Corporation the trucks were only provided with fuel and accommodation for the drivers.

This was the single most important achievement that I attained since becoming a Councillor.

The District Council would have paid at least P3 million in hiring costs for these trucks.

This gives me great gratification. I have also secured and donated six water tanks of 5000 liters capacity each to the wards of Mogwalale Metlojane, Pitsane, Goodhope (2),Pitsane Photlokwe and Ramatlabama.

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