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Woman kills boyfriend and hangs herself



Police in Palapye are investigating a case in which a woman is suspected to have murdered her boyfriend before committing suicide by hanging herself from the roof rafters.

The incident is said to have happened on the 27th and the dead bodies of the couple were found at their house on the 28th around 1830hrs.

It is alleged that the two had a misunderstanding before their deaths as a suicide note was discovered at the crime scene.

The man was 40 years while the woman was 38.

Speaking to The Voice, N0.2 District Officer Commanding- Senior Superintendent Paul Oketsang, said they received a call from someone saying his cousin was missing and that his phone ring unanswered.

He said the reporter said he went to the cousin’s house and saw a swarm of flies on his house windows.

He said when the police entered the house they found the man lying on the floor with a deep cut at the back of his head while the woman was hanging from the rafters.

“The man’s hands were tied with a scarf. The two were rushed to the hospital where the doctors certified them dead. The investigations are ongoing but so far we discovered a note which shows that the author was the woman. She indicated that they had a misunderstanding after finding out that her boyfriend was cheating on her. She also apologised to both their families for her actions and hurting them,” said Oketsang.

Officer Commanding Oketsang said cases of deaths are worrisome in his policing area.

He said from January to December this year alone in N02 District which include Maunatlala, Serule, Serowe and Palapye they registered 45 murder cases.

He said in most cases it is men who kill. Oketsang said they also have 29 threat to kill cases and 597 assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

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No water supply in Maun this weekend

*Main water pipe raptured at Nxaraga

*70% water supply shut down for maintenance work



Most parts of Maun and surrounding areas are expected to experience a dry spell this weekend as the Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) cuts water supply for the next two days.

The department’s head of business, Thabo Ndadi, explained that seventy percent supply of water in and around Maun will be shut down to allow for maintenance of main water pipe to the area.

“This week we discovered that our main water pipe that brings in water from Kunyere boreholes has raptured and thus unable to adequately supply water,” explained Ndadi.

Ndadi further confirmed that they started noticing the leak last month but avoided tempering with it as it was during the lockdown and when the country had just reported first cases of the killer Covid-19 disease.

“Our hope and prayer was that the leak would not become so bad before the end of the COVID-19 state of emergency, but the water pressure has gone down and therefore we have to fix the problem and we cannot do it without temporarily cutting the flow,” added Ndadi.

Seventy percent of water supply in Maun is from boreholes along Kunyere river in Nxaraga area, while the other two boreholes in Shashe and Sexaxa make up the remaining thirty percent.

“This effectively means Maun will be running with a seventy percent water shortage and we are pleading with members of the community to use water with extra care,” Ndadi added.

In fact some areas will go dry for over 24 hours and WUC has advised people to store water for weekend use today because from tomorrow, taps will be completely dry. “Many other homes will get water way beyond the 24 hours, because after maintenance the water has to make a long journey to reach the taps, for some it will take 48 hours or so. In fact the whole recovery process takes seven days so, it may be practically impossible to complete the recovery within 24 hours.”

Meanwhile Thamalakane river has started to fill up, but the WUC water treatment plant in Borolong is yet to start pumping water from the river as they have to wait for at least a month for the water “to be of better quality to be processed for consumption. Right now the water volume is still low for such an exercise but the plant is ready to start operations. Already we have begun testing the water for quality and it not yet where we want it to be,” Ndadi said.

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Man arrested after fleeing police at roadblock



Sejelo Police in Kanye yesterday arrested a 41-year-old man amid dramatic scenes for traffic offences after he tried to evade the police.

Captured in video footage that went viral on social media since Thursday afternoon, the police officers shot the suspect’s car following repeated attempts to stop him.

Speaking to The Voice Online, Botswana Police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Dipheko Motube, confirmed the incident noting that the man had been driving behind his father from Seherelela lands when they were stopped at a roadblock at Moatle.

Motube said when the police were still searching his father’s car, the suspect parked his car, swiftly got into his father’s and drove away.

“The police tried to stop him but he kept on driving away until they reached Kanye. The officers shot the car tyre to stop it from moving. He was also dangerously driving in the middle of the village at a high speed. When he stopped, the police tried to arrest him but he was uncooperative. He was armed with a sharp object and resisting arrest, but our officers managed to disarm and arrest him,” said Motube

The police spokesperson said they were yet to establish why the suspect fled the roadblock.

He said investigations were ongoing to and that the offences were yet to be registered before the suspect can be arraigned before court.

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